Organizing My Kitchen: How I Tackled My Biggest Organizing Challenge to Date

To me there is nothing more satisfying than taking things

out of the containers that they came in and putting them

directly into different (usually clear acrylic) containers. *sigh* My

heart is smiling just thinking about it. With that said it probably

comes as no surprise that organizing my entire home is a goal

of mine and slowly I am making my way through. In this article

I am focusing on how I organized one of the hardest organizing

challenges I have yet to face, my kitchen. It took me forever to try

to figure out how I wanted it all to be set up, but I think I managed

to figure out a working layout. Scroll on down to see the pics! (Also I will

link all the products I can below the photos.) 



Let’s start with the cabinets!


In both of these cabinets the main organizing I did was making

sure all my Tupperware containers had matching lids and then

adding in some white plastic shelves from the Dollar Tree.

These allowed me to stack my plates and containers on top

of each other in a way that makes everything easier to get to.


I wish I would have taken a before picture of this cabinet

because it was just simply out of control. There were cups and

things just thrown around everywhere! I know it still doesn’t look

perfect but it looks sooo much better than where we started I can promise you that.

I think I am going to add some contact paper to the

bottom of the shelf as well to help with the look.


Mdesign containers


This is my baking cabinet. This was the first cabinet in the

kitchen I ever organized annnnd it shows. lol One thing I hope

to do someday is get all matching containers to give the

cabinet an overall more cohesive look, but this works for now.

(Almost all of these containers came from Marshalls or Walmart.)


I am in love with how this cabinet turned out. In here I used to have

a two tiered lazy Susan that held all of my spices. However, they

kept falling off and there just wasn’t enough space to store all

of them in here that way. So I put the spices in my utensils drawer

and moved the utensils here! They are separated out by type (spoons, whisks, spatulas, etc) and

rest inside some glass flower vases from Walmart which I then set

inside a clear plastic lazy Susan also from Walmart. So much better!


Now while I love the new utensil setup my favorite cabinet transformation has to be under the kitchen sink!


The Before:

Peak my attempt at cleaning puns on the bins. SMH. lol

The after:

Is this not just one of the best glow ups you have ever seen? Lol

I think putting the contact paper on the bottom really helped

step it up a notch too! Might have to do that to all my cabinets. Lol

Contact Paper

On this side we have all the little things sorted out into these

amazing stackable drawers from Amazon.

Acrylic Drawers 

Acrylic Cubes


And this side holds all the cleaning supplies! I was skeptical

about the lazy susan at first to be honest. I thought it would

look too messy, but I’m actually really happy with it annnd

it’s a lot easier to find what I need this way.


Finally over the cabinet door I put this basket to hold

my clingwrap and aluminum foil.


Now on to drawers!


Ah the famous midwest junk drawer. lol All the white

containers came from the Dollar Tree.


Next we have the silverware drawer. Here’s the before:

And the after!

As many of you may know I bought the gray organizers from

Amazon after seeing them in a TikTok and they are total game

changers. So happy with them! The white container for all my

straws came from the Dollar Tree.


Silverware Holder

Knife Holder



This was probably one of the biggest drawer revamps…here’s the chaotic before:

And the tamed after!

Again all containers came from the Dollar Tree.

(We organize on a budget here when we can! lol)


Okay and now it is time for my favorite of all the drawers….

The spices!!! This seriously makes my heart so happy! All of

the spices came in the glass jars already since I bought the organic

versions and so I just added these white labels from Amazon

onto the jars. I love the way it turned out! It looks so cute!

Spice Jar Labels


Now let’s move on to the fridge which seems to forever be a work in progress. lol

On the top shelf I have all the drinks from water to juice to

milk! (Judge me all you want for putting the milk in the little

bottles too, but I think it looks cute. Lol)

Plastic Bottles


On the second shelf is where I store my eggs, yogurt, and my fruit!

Egg Container

Yogurt Container -Walmart

Blueberries Container


On the last shelf in the fridge I have a container from Marshalls

that I put any thawing meat in. That way if it were to leak the

container catches the juices. And next to that is where I keep my leftovers.


Below that shelf in the crisper drawers we have meats and cheese, veggies, and bread.


Here’s a closer look at the meats and cheeses drawer.

These rubbermaid containers were a great investment. They seal so well!


And here is the inside of the door. In the top we have the

butter, followed by liquids, condiments, international

sauces, and thennn well…mostly baking stuff on the

bottom (although it is still a bit of a hodge podge lol).


And finally….we have the pantry!

You can see a more in depth look at the pantry makeover here!


What areas of your home are you wanting to organize?




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