Amy’s Pantry Organization



My poor pantry was in a hideous state of disarray and the combination

of spring cleaning and binge watching The Home Edit was just

the motivation I needed to make a change. I hope you enjoy

this look at my pantry organization makeover!



The Before: 

As you can see from all the pictures above, my poor pantry

cabinet was a terrible mess. Between the holidays and my

cooking challenge I had way more food than my previous

organization attempts could handle and I was having a

terrible time finding anything in here at this point. 


My first step in this organization was to take everything

out of the cabinet and wipe down the inside. 


I spread all the food that was in the cabinet out onto my

kitchen table and discarded any expired food, rounded up

food to be donated, and then began grouping like foods

together (all the breakfast foods in one area, canned goods in another, etc). 



Now before I could start putting anything back into the

cabinet there was a small update I wanted to

make. I wanted to add in more shelving. One thing

that was really making things difficult when it came to

organization was the huge open bottom cabinet. As you

could see from the pictures at the beginning of the article

I tried to remedy this originally with a 3 drawer plastic storage

container, but the drawers were full and everything was overflowing

around the container making it near impossible to open the

drawers so I talked my brother into building me 2 new shelves

to add to the cabinet. (Luckily for me there were already pre-made

holes in the sides of the cabinet so all I had to do was buy some

plastic shelf holders and set the shelves on top.) 



Once the shelves were complete I went to Walmart and picked

up some cute contact paper and applied that to each of the shelves. 



Once the shelves were installed it was time to start one of

my favorite parts of organizing…containing! (There is just

something so satisfying about pouring things into containers. lol)

Unfortunately for me I don’t live anywhere near a Container

Store so my dreams of re-organizing my pantry with items

from The Home Edit’s line had to be contained and shelved

(pun intended hehe) for the time being. Instead, I did all of my

container shopping at Walmart, Homegoods, and

Amazon. (I’ve linked the products I could below.)



Once everything was put into a beautiful clear container

I busted out my beautiful label maker and went

to town labelling everything. 


Containers from Homegoods

Brother Label Maker


After everything was labelled it was time to start putting things

back into the cabinet which means, it is the moment

you all have been waiting for…the after!



The very top shelf of the cabinet houses drinks. These are

items I don’t use very often so I put them on the top shelf

because they are harder for my little 5’1” self to reach. In the

lazy susan is all of my hot chocolate packets and tea and

behind the lazy susan are extra gatorades and apple juice.

(One super great thing about the lazy susan is that the sections

are removable so it is so much easier to get items

out of the lazy susan when I need them.)



Below the drinks is my breakfast shelf which houses all of

my oats and cereals in matching OXO containers.


Next, on the most accessible shelf, we of course have the snacks!

Followed by the grains and pasta.

Mdesign clear containers


And then finally comes the canned goods, vinegars, and oils. 

Clear organizer bins


I also have a little basket (from Target) in the back of the very bottom shelf

that houses extras of certain foods, aka my backstock. 




And that is my pantry organization! This definitely took me

a little longer to do than I had hoped (I think my kitchen

table was covered in food for at least a month lol), but I

absolutely love the way it turned out and it is sooo much

easier for me to find anything and everything I need now. I hope

you enjoyed reading about this transformation and that it maybe

brings you a little inspiration for your own pantry

organization! Thanks for reading! 




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