Watkins Glen State Park

. . Instead of Watkins Glen State Park this article should really be titled "the time I thought I was going to be kidnapped and murdered." Of all the places I have gone alone this is one of the only places I have ever been truly frightened (I was legit shaking after I made it... Continue Reading →

Starved Rock State Park

. . After parting ways with my friend Abigail in St. Louis I was continuing on my massive northeast road trip with my sights set on Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. This park was rated the #1 attraction in the whole state and I was hoping to see some beautiful fall colors and waterfalls... Continue Reading →

Elephant Rocks State Park

. . Elephant Rocks State Park. A place in Missouri where you can go to see the elephants! Well….okay rocks shaped like elephants. Well...large boulders that if you squint really really hard kind of look like elephants lined up at the circus. Lol The "elephant" granite boulders at this Missouri state park are a unique... Continue Reading →

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

In an effort to find beautiful places to see in Missouri, I came across this state park in Camdenton, MO. I had never heard of Ha Ha Tonka before or been to Lake of the Ozarks so I was excited to check it out especially since it is said to be the best state park... Continue Reading →

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