Christmas House Tour 2021

Last year I wanted a white Christmas theme for the house. However this year I really leaned more into that rustic Christmas look with hints of silver and red. Hope you enjoy! . . Front Porch/Front Yard I picked up the reindeer at Walmart a couple years ago and the Santa inflatable at Walmart last... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Halloween Car Tour

. . Bet you don't see too many of these! Lol This year for Halloween I decided to extend my decorating to my car! My dad wasn't a fan, but hopefully you all are! So ignore the mess and enjoy! . . . My first purchase for this were these amazing car coasters. The minute... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Spring House Tour 2021

. I was tired of living in the drab and undecorated season that falls between Christmas and Easter so I decided to break my normal decorating rules and decorated my house before the first day of spring is even here! Maybe by decorating early it will get the spring weather here sooner? Hope you enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Christmas House Tour 2020

. . You know that scene in Elf when Buddy redecorates Gimbels and turns it into a winter wonderland for Santa? . . Yeah that is ultimately my end goal when decorating for Christmas. I just have always wanted to create a winter wonderland scene at home! Take a look at this year's attempt below!... Continue Reading →

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