My Defining Moments of 2021

Man was 2021 a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The year started out with me being the most depressed I had been in a very long time. I am surprised I am still here today because, to be honest, that was not the plan. However, I prayed through it all, gave myself time to cry (A... Continue Reading →

What I Got For Christmas 2021

After my kid phase I have found it harder and harder to put together a Christmas list. Family and friends would ask me what I wanted and my response was always the same, "I don't want anything." Of course that's not entirely true. There are a lot of things I want, but I just don't... Continue Reading →

DIY Gift Ideas

DIY gifts are a great personal, one of a kind option for anyone you are shopping for this year.  . . Signs . Wood Sign with Quote I saw a sign with this quote on it hanging up in someone’s garage and when I saw it I knew it was something my brother would like.... Continue Reading →

My Christmas List

I swear my Christmas list shows I am an adult more and more every year. Lol Hope you enjoy taking a look at some of the things I am asking for this Christmas! . . . Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner Even though the majority of my house is hardwood the kittens have taken... Continue Reading →

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