September Prime Finds

. . September was a month of prepping for all the things that were coming up in the month of October including Halloween decorations and fall clothing! There is a LOT of great stuff in this article so hope you enjoy! . . A lot of my purchases in September were for an Amazon fall... Continue Reading →

Fr. Kapaun Comes Home

. . 70 years. 70 years of waiting and hoping. 70 years of searching for a closure no one thought would ever come. 70 years and now what was once an impossible dream has become a reality. Fr. Emil J. Kapaun has returned home. . Who is Father Kapaun? . Emil J. Kapaun was born... Continue Reading →

August Prime Finds

. . Fall clothing and Halloween shopping began in this month so if you are interested in either of those things well man do I have some great finds for you in this article! . . Womens Tops Casual Fall Long Sleeve Loose Shirts Tunic (Sz Small) In all honesty, I didn’t notice the lack... Continue Reading →

Woman Crush Wednesday: Kristin

Allow me to introduce to you this week my best friend since birth, my sista from anotha mista, my go to concert and adventure buddy, Kristin! This girl is literally one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, absolutely beautiful inside and out, and if you are lucky enough to have her in your... Continue Reading →

Woman Crush Wednesday: Makenzie

. . Makenzie has been one of my best friends, my right-hand woman, for over 10 years now and there has never been a moment where I haven’t felt extremely lucky and grateful to have her in my life. And I guarantee anyone who knows her would say this same thing! Growing up together I... Continue Reading →

May Prime Finds

. . With my vacation in April I wasn’t spending a whole lot of time shopping on Amazon, but May definitely made up for all that lost time! Lol This month’s prime finds feature a great assortment of beauty products, a few fashion pieces, car accessories, and more! Hope you enjoy it! What are some... Continue Reading →

Why I Travel Alone

Devil's Bridge Sedona, Arizona . . I have always loved to travel. Seriously, a year without at least one trip in it would be a rare thing for me and the signal of an impending apocalypse. Lol However, for the majority of my adult life I have had either a boyfriend or a friend to... Continue Reading →

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