HUGE Target Spring Haul 2022

I walked into Target for ONE thing and somehow left with $400 less than I went in with. Lol I swear…every time! Target is my kryptonite! Lol At least I got a lot of great stuff and I am excited to share it with y'all. Scroll on down to see what $400 can get you... Continue Reading →

Monthly Favorites Wrap-Up: April 2022

April was a crazy month with the blog's 3 year anniversary (crazy!) and the announcement of the opening of The Everyday Look. Honestly, last month was a learning experience as I tried to figure out how to juggle all the new stuff going on, but now halfway through May (how is that even possible?!) I... Continue Reading →

Walmart Spring Haul 2022

Walmart is starting to turn into another Target for me with great finds every time I look! In this article I am sharing with y'all my latest Walmart purchases including new outdoor decor and some new adorable fashion finds. Scroll on down to see it all! . . *This post contains affiliate links which means... Continue Reading →

I Pierced My Belly Button! Sorry Dad!

I never thought I would be someone with multiple piercings. I mean shoot, y’all know I didn’t even get my ears pierced until just last year! (You can read all about that experience here.) However, one text from a friend suggesting matching piercings and a few emotional breakdowns later I found myself standing in front... Continue Reading →

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