Christmas House Tour 2021

Last year I wanted a white Christmas theme for the house. However this year I really leaned more into that rustic Christmas look with hints of silver and red. Hope you enjoy! . . Front Porch/Front Yard I picked up the reindeer at Walmart a couple years ago and the Santa inflatable at Walmart last... Continue Reading →

Hosting My First Friendsgiving

I have ALWAYS wanted to host a Friendsgiving and finally all of my closest girlfriends were living near enough to me to actually make it a reality! I was so excited and of course tried to make it the most memorable Friendsgiving I could for everyone.  . Step one: Guest list and Invitations The guest... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Halloween Car Tour

. . Bet you don't see too many of these! Lol This year for Halloween I decided to extend my decorating to my car! My dad wasn't a fan, but hopefully you all are! So ignore the mess and enjoy! . . . My first purchase for this were these amazing car coasters. The minute... Continue Reading →

August Prime Finds

. . Fall clothing and Halloween shopping began in this month so if you are interested in either of those things well man do I have some great finds for you in this article! . . Womens Tops Casual Fall Long Sleeve Loose Shirts Tunic (Sz Small) In all honesty, I didn’t notice the lack... Continue Reading →

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