August Prime Finds

. . Fall clothing and Halloween shopping began in this month so if you are interested in either of those things well man do I have some great finds for you in this article! . . Womens Tops Casual Fall Long Sleeve Loose Shirts Tunic (Sz Small) In all honesty, I didn’t notice the lack... Continue Reading →

May Prime Finds

. . With my vacation in April I wasn’t spending a whole lot of time shopping on Amazon, but May definitely made up for all that lost time! Lol This month’s prime finds feature a great assortment of beauty products, a few fashion pieces, car accessories, and more! Hope you enjoy it! What are some... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Pantry Organization

. . My poor pantry was in a hideous state of disarray and the combination of spring cleaning and binge watching The Home Edit was just the motivation I needed to make a change. I hope you enjoy this look at my pantry organization makeover! . . The Before:  As you can see from all... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Favorite Cleaning Products

. . Having the right products when cleaning is essential to make sure the job gets done effectively and efficiently. In this article I am sharing with y'all my favorite cleaning products I use for all of my cleaning jobs. Enjoy! . . Method Disinfectant Sprays I used to watch cleaning motivation videos on YouTube... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Cleaning Schedules

. I am a type A person through and through. I love to make lists, organize, and plan, plan, plan. And of course all this also applies to my house cleaning. Making cleaning schedules helps ensure that all my cleaning actually gets done and that nothing gets missed. Below are a couple of my cleaning... Continue Reading →

Deep Cleaning Your Home

. Spring is just around the corner which means it is time to open the house back up after months of being shut in and freshen up your home! I found one of the best ways to do this is by cleaning and every spring I do a DEEP clean of my house reaching every... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Spring House Tour 2021

. I was tired of living in the drab and undecorated season that falls between Christmas and Easter so I decided to break my normal decorating rules and decorated my house before the first day of spring is even here! Maybe by decorating early it will get the spring weather here sooner? Hope you enjoy!... Continue Reading →

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