My 21 Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021

I’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed about this

number, but in 2021 I placed 68 orders on Amazon

(which is 19 more than I did in 2020) for a grand total of 191 items.

Dear. God. Okay…maybe ashamed is the word I was really looking

for. Jassy I expect to be seeing some special perks coming my

way because clearly I am quite set on keeping Amazon in business

and making sure you have money to blow. Lol I wish I could say that

most of it was stuff I needed, buuut as it tends to go with Amazon

I rarely get anything I actually need. I.hope you enjoy reading about my 21 favorite Amazon purchases from 2021!


OXO Cereal Containers

Last year I did a complete pantry makeover to save my sanity

because I could not find anything with how it was and splurged

on these clear cereal containers from OXO. OXO will always

remain in my mind as the top brand for organizing containers

that seal well, are practical, and look aesthetically

pleasing (not sponsored Lol). I have been really happy with

them since my purchase and would buy them again in a

heartbeat! (You can read about my pantry organization

and see the before and after here!)




Cushionaire Sandals

In the summertime I love running around barefoot, or as

close to barefoot as I can get with sandals and flip flops.

I have always loved the look of Birkenstock sandals, but

have never been able to convince myself to spend the money

so when I came across these Cushionaire sandals I thought

they were too perfect to pass up! I bought them in this pretty

rose gold color and legit wore them almost every

single day last summer. Love them!




SweatyRocks Satin PJ Set

This was totally not a planned purchase. I just woke up one

morning and decided that my old tshirts and sweatpants

weren’t cutting it anymore and I needed some big girl PJs.

Of course social media knew this before I even did and

started sending me ads for PJ sets everywhere. I ended

up going with this satin set and I love it. It is very

comfortable to sleep in and it looks great!


PJ Set


Fittin Sports Bra

I have said it before and I will say it again: this is one of the

best sports bras I have ever worn. Coming in at under $20

makes this an unbelievable steal. It isn’t too tight, but yet

still provides the perfect amount of support and the straps

don’t dig into my shoulders. I love it.


Sports Bra


Claw Clips

Everyone and their dog jumped on the claw clip trend

of 2021 and I too bought a ticket for that bandwagon. What

can I say? I don’t like it when ponytails leave kinks in my hair

in weird places! Plus they all look so aesthetic and I wanted

to be trendy like everyone else! Lol These claw clips are really

great quality clips that I think would work great with all types

of hair. I know they are able to stay in my super thin hair

which is something most clips don’t do so that’s some bonus

points for them right there! Plus they come in these really

cute colors and are affordable.


Claw Clips


Orange Workout Set

TikTok made me buy this and I was definitely skeptical. I had

never been one to workout in tight clothing let alone a

two piece workout set like this. However, after I tried it on

I fell in love. I was totally feeling myself in the set and you

know when you are feeling good about how you look in your

workout gear you have a much better sweat sesh.


Workout set


Exercise Bands

My first set of booty bands came from Amazon and they

were frustrating. They were thin and stuck together and

then when it came time to use them for a workout they would

roll up my leg every dang time. It got to the point where I just

quit using them. Then, one day I found these booty bands on

Amazon and my life changed. Okay…that might be a bit

dramatic, but my workouts that had any band work in them did

change for the better. These are a nice, thick material that stay

put when I use them keeping me from getting overly frustrated

and ending my workout early. 


Booty Bands


Colorful Koala leggings

For the longest time I wasn’t a fan of leggings. However, I

started getting more serious about working out again and found

that leggings are actually a pretty good workout clothing option

to have and have since been on the hunt to find the best ones.

These from Colorful Koala are definitely front runners. They are

insanely soft, comfortable to wear all day long or for any workout

session that I have planned, and they fit true to size. 




Oogie boogie inflatable

Sandworm inflatable

Okay I am going to group the Oogie Boogie and sandworm

inflatables together since they are the same type of item

and were bought for the same event. Lol I bought both of

these for the 2021 Halloween party (which was Tim Burton

themed) and I couldn’t have been more happy with my decision

to buy them both. The sandworm not only lit up but also had

a moving tongue and was the perfect photo op for the guests!

Then, in the kitchen you stepped inside Oogie Boogie’s lair with

him (and lock, shock, and barrel) there to greet you as you spun for prizes. 


Oogie Boogie


Satin Robe

Honestly, I bought this robe for the sole reason that I wanted

to feel like a Victoria Secret model. Lol I really like it though.

The satin it is made of is very soft on my skin and makes

it comfortable to wear all year round. 



Spice Labels

I finally found a solution to storing my spices (I think lol) and

after watching a few Instagram reels I knew I wanted them

all to be in matching glass jars and labels. Since I bought

the organic spices they already came in the glass jars so

the only thing I was missing was the labels. I really liked the

look of these so that’s what we went with. 





I was skeptical about buying this jumpsuit because I am not

one that typically wears clothes like this and I also thought

it would look too casual on me. However, I was worrying

for no reason. This jumpsuit looks extremely cute on, can

be dressed up with jewelry, pairs great with the Cushionaire

sandals I mentioned earlier, and it is seriously one of the most

comfortable things ever. Absolutely perfect for travel!



Initial Necklace

I thought this necklace was just too cute to pass up and if

it ever were to get lost at least people would know who it

belongs to. Okay that was a bad joke. Lol The length of this

necklace is really nice and I have found that it goes with almost any outfit. 



Black Sunglasses

I don’t think it would be a leap to say that TikTok owned

me last year and I bought sooooo much stuff because of

the videos I saw on there including these sunglasses.

Before this last year I owned one pair of sunglasses. I always

had trouble finding ones that I thought looked good on me and

I never really understood why I needed more than one pair anyway

because I mean, I could only ever wear one at a time, so what was

the point? Ask me how many pairs of sunglasses I have now. 7.

Yup. 7. And these black ones from Amazon are easily my favorite.

I feel like such a boss in them and they actually do a great job of

keeping the sun from burning my eyeballs. 




Marvel Eyeshadow Palettes

I bought these solely because they were Marvel themed, but

man was I surprised by their pigmentation! Honestly I think

these eyeshadows could rival my Urban Decay Naked palette.

The only issue I ran into with these are the glitter shades. They didn’t

apply well at all and had a TON of fallout. Otherwise I love. 


Eyeshadow Palettes


Layered Necklace

I have always liked the look of layered necklaces, but my favorite

part about this set is that they all come separate so I can wear

all three together, or only two, or even just one at a time! I haven’t

noticed the gold coming off the necklaces or turning my skin green

so I would say not only are they cute, but good quality as well!




The Gym People Workout Top

I bought a lot of workout clothes in 2021, but my favorite workout

top from the year would have to be this one. It doesn’t rub my

armpits raw and it doesn’t suffocate the girls which are two of

the biggest issues I tend to find with workout tops. I also love the

color and it is really soft to the touch. The only thing I have noticed

about it that is less than ideal is that it has started to pill a little in a couple places, but I actually think that might have been from when I was hiking a mountain and fell and scraped my back on the rocks. Lol


Workout Top


Plastic Bottles

Organizing my fridge has been an ongoing struggle for quite

some time, but I feel like I made some good progress in

2021 including the addition of these plastic bottles. Now all

my juices look so cute in my fridge!




Halloween Squad Shirt

I’m going to make quite the statement here. This shirt was

my favorite clothing purchase from Amazon in 2021. Not

only is it comfortable (it does fit a little oversized), but the

design on the front of the shirt is unbeatable. I love how the

killers are all looking like they are part of a greaser gang. 10/10.


Squad Tee


Skeleton Car Coasters

These coasters are literally a snapshot of me in the afterlife

forever throwing up a peace sign. Lol I bought these to decorate

my car for Halloween, but honestly have been thinking about keeping

them in there all year round. Shoot I might just keep all my

Halloween decorations up. I mean, we already made it through

Christmas and they didn’t come down for that so why take them down now? Lol 


Car coasters





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