Books to Read During Spooky Season

. . I’ve done articles including TV shows and movies for spooky season and now it is time for my other favorite form of entertainment, books to read during spooky season! I really wanted to put together a good list for y’all that had some diversity as far as genre goes (YA and adult fiction)... Continue Reading →

January 2021 Reading Recap

. . I didn’t get as much reading done as I would have liked this month, but it was certainly not due to bad reads! I really enjoyed everything I read this month, had my first 5 star read, and even found a new favorite series! 4 reads or not it was still a great... Continue Reading →

Revisiting My 2020 Book Goals

. I started out the year super motivated to complete each and every one of these goals. I was flying through books left and right! However, somewhere along the way I completely lost that drive and went from reading about 7 books a month to reading maybe only 1. Unfortunately, this lack of desire to... Continue Reading →

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