HUGE Target Spring Haul 2022

I walked into Target for ONE thing and somehow left with $400 less than I went in with. Lol I swear…every time! Target is my kryptonite! Lol At least I got a lot of great stuff and I am excited to share it with y'all. Scroll on down to see what $400 can get you... Continue Reading →

Walmart Spring Haul 2022

Walmart is starting to turn into another Target for me with great finds every time I look! In this article I am sharing with y'all my latest Walmart purchases including new outdoor decor and some new adorable fashion finds. Scroll on down to see it all! . . *This post contains affiliate links which means... Continue Reading →

Target Spring Haul 2022

I told myself when I walked into Target I was only going in to look. Famous last words right? Lol Obviously the Target Gods had other plans for my wallet that day, but hey that just means y'all get an extra spring haul so I guess it worked out pretty well! Hope you enjoy seeing... Continue Reading →

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