365 Outfit Challenge: Week 52

The final week is here! I’m not going to lie...this endeavor was a LOT more challenging and stressful than I could have ever imagined, but I made it fam. I hope you have enjoyed following along on the journey and maybe have even gotten a little fashion inspo for your own outfits! The final outfits... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 51

A Kansas day trip and a family get-together helped me pick out a couple of the outfits in this week’s edition of the 365 outfit challenge. Scroll on down to see those outfits and more! . Day 351: This is a simple outfit featuring my olive green v-neck, gray skinny jeans, tan boots, and my... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 50

White, lace, and florals are all you need to know about this week 50's outfits! Hope you enjoy! . Day 344: A lot of layering is happening in this outfit with my Aerie camp shorts, my white button down tank, my light wash denim button down, and my cognac sandals. . Day 345: Don’t mind... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 48

. . The majority of these outfits are perfect for those cooler spring days. Scroll down to see the fits! . Day 330: “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” Well, at least that is what I strive for. This outfit however, with my Victoria’s Secret hoodie, Under Armour leggings, and Adidas tennis... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 47

. . New furniture, a shout out to Walmart’s stepped up fashion game, and a nerdy movie marathon can all be found in this week’s edition of the 365 outfit challenge! Hope you enjoy week 47!  . Day 323: Perching like a bird is hard. (This fence legit fell apart on me 2 seconds after... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 46

. There are a wide variety of spring outfits in this week of the outfit challenge ranging from picnic worthy to rebel with(out) a cause to Harry Potter loving nerd. And the spring weather also allowed me to use my backyard as my “photo studio” which was a very convenient change of scenery for me.... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 45

Quarantining like a boss this week with comfy outfits, social distancing by way of fishing, and, like the majority of other people with too much new time on their hands, starting new household projects! Hope you enjoy week 45! ......................................... Day 309: Another day lacking the motivation to put some real effort into getting ready,... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 44

This week I got all dressed up (in an outfit I had planned since the beginning of spring) for an Easter at work and then spent the rest of the week in some pretty casual attire. Hope you enjoy week 44! ........................................ Day 302: Fun fact! When I was younger I played the alto sax... Continue Reading →

365 Outfit Challenge: Week 43

My biggest struggle this week? Forcing myself out of my pajamas on my days off. But what can I say? Sometimes you just have those weeks. Lol. As you will see most of these days I settled for a compromise: no pajamas, but sweatpants and sweaters? Those were totally acceptable. Hope you enjoy week 43!... Continue Reading →

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