Books to Read During Spooky Season

. . I’ve done articles including TV shows and movies for spooky season and now it is time for my other favorite form of entertainment, books to read during spooky season! I really wanted to put together a good list for y’all that had some diversity as far as genre goes (YA and adult fiction)... Continue Reading →

13 Nights of Halloween

. . It is time again for another 13 Nights of Halloween Movie Countdown! This year’s list includes some of my favorite Halloween movies of all time so I am super pumped to start watching them. I hope you enjoy my 13 Nights of Halloween movie list and are able to watch along with me!... Continue Reading →

My Favorite True Crime Shows

. . I have always been suuuper interested in true crime and learning about serial killers is a passion of mine (my favorite serial killer is H.H. Holmes.). Over the past few months especially I have just been inhaling true crime show after true crime show and man have I found some golden ones and... Continue Reading →

September Prime Finds

. . September was a month of prepping for all the things that were coming up in the month of October including Halloween decorations and fall clothing! There is a LOT of great stuff in this article so hope you enjoy! . . A lot of my purchases in September were for an Amazon fall... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Movie-Fi-Cation Part 7

. . For this week’s movie-fi-cation we apparently were focusing on the classics. The well known movies. The ones with lines and outfits we know even if we haven't seen the movie. Now, even though they were some of the most well known movies, not all of them came back as “must see before you... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Movie-Fi-Cation: Part 6

. . . This part of my movie-fi-cation featured a lot of re-watches. Some that remained toward the top of my movie rankings, others that moved up from the bottom, and one that I really would be okay with never watching again. Hope you enjoy reading all about my thoughts! . . Star Wars: Episode... Continue Reading →

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