365 Outfit Challenge: Week 46

Week 46


There are a wide variety of spring outfits in this week of the

outfit challenge ranging from picnic worthy to rebel with(out) a

cause to Harry Potter loving nerd. And the spring weather also

allowed me to use my backyard as my “photo studio” which was a

very convenient change of scenery for me. I hope you enjoy seeing all the outfits!



Day 316:

This is the perfect outfit to wear to your next spring barbeque! It

features my olive green scoop neck tank, my high waisted American

Eagle skinny jeans, navy blue plaid Old Navy button down, my

camel Old Navy booties, and a gold circle necklace.


Day 317:

This bright yellow tee from Express is definitely an underrated piece

in my closet. I always forget how cute it is until I put it on! And when

it is paired with my American Eagle skinny jeans and some cute

booties like these it creates a cute and simple outfit.


Day 318:

I’m not the girl you bring home to mama. Lol This outfit features

my Rolling Stones band tee, my white Universal Thread skinny

jeans, my black lace up boots, and my black leather jacket.


Day 319:

This simple outfit is made up of my navy blue v-neck tee, my

sage green skinny jeans, and my camel Old Navy booties.


Day 320:

Similarly to Hermione, the library is one of my happy places so I

thought it was fitting to take this Harry Potter outfit

pic in front of my own bookshelf!


Day 321:

You know what they say…it is the quiet ones you need to watch

out for. 😉 For this day’s outfit I wore my Harry Potter sweater (which can

actually be worn inside out to reveal the Marauders Map. How cool?!), my

American Eagle skinny jeans, and my black strap sandals.


Day 322:

This outfit is made up of my black v-neck, American Eagle high

waisted skinny jeans, gray corduroy jacket, and taupe Carlos booties.



Favorite outfit: Day 317

I love the simplicity of this outfit, the way every piece in this

outfit fits, and how comfortable I feel in it. I also just LOVE the color

of this tee! Definitely an outfit I will wear again

and again and again!




Week 46

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