February 2021 Prime Finds

. . Another month of Amazon shopping in the books! In February there were a lot of new fashion finds (including pieces great for workouts, date nights, and spring weather) as well as a few organization items and new decor for the home. Hope you enjoy! . mDesign Deep Plastic Bathroom Storage Bin Tote with... Continue Reading →

What I Am Doing For Lent 2021

. . Oh Lent. Probably one of the most grumbled about times for Catholics. A time where we are reminded (even more than usual) just how big of sinners we all are, a time of fasting and meatless Fridays, and also when we are encouraged to make some type of a sacrifice, usually in the... Continue Reading →

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single

. Being single can certainly be tough at times, especially around Valentine’s Day. However, instead of moping around at home or throwing things at all the couples you see, spend this Valentine’s Day celebrating the most important Valentine….YOU! . . Buy Yourself Something Nice As Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec said Is there... Continue Reading →

Nicole’s 2020 Defining Moments

. . January started out full of fun and new experiences! I hit San Francisco with the girls and traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time! Here is the lovely picture from the back seat as we drove over it. Although there are a million better pictures from this trip, I like... Continue Reading →

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