Amy’s Pura Vida Haul Part 2

. . I was soooo excited when I saw Pura Vida was coming out with their own clothing line that I headed straight to their website when it dropped. Now with that being said I swear I honestly went onto their website with the intention of only buying one item, but of course I have... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Walmart Haul

. . Walmart has roped me in yet again with some adorable fashion pieces for summer. I swear I really need to start wearing blinders anytime I walk past the clothing section...or just avoid it entirely. I hardly ever walk out of Walmart anymore without at least one new piece of clothing or accessory in... Continue Reading →

Amy’s Pura Vida Haul Part 1

. . I have been wanting to make a purchase from Pura Vida for YEARS and finally that dream of mine has come true! I went a little easy with this first purchase since it was right before my vacation and I didn’t want to spend all my trip money on this order, but I... Continue Reading →

May Prime Finds

. . With my vacation in April I wasn’t spending a whole lot of time shopping on Amazon, but May definitely made up for all that lost time! Lol This month’s prime finds feature a great assortment of beauty products, a few fashion pieces, car accessories, and more! Hope you enjoy it! What are some... Continue Reading →

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