Watching the Scariest Movies of All Time and Crafting My Own Top Ten Scariest From the List (Blogtober #18)

I am always down to watch a good comedy movie and I have no issue with sitting and watching

a 3.5 hour long Marvel movie. However, if you were to ask me what my favorite type of

movie is I would say, without hesitation, horror. I’m not sure what it is about horror movies

that make them so enjoyable to watch. Maybe it is the adrenaline pumping through my

veins with every jump scare or the fact that they go where you never expect a movie to go leaving

you shocked, perhaps a little confused, and just plain horrified. Whatever the reason is behind

my love for them, I thought it would be fun to use this love for horror movies and partake in a

little self-assigned challenge. I wanted to find the 10 scariest horror movies out there.

The ones that make me want to watch between my fingers, crawl beneath a blanket, and sleep

with all the lights on in my house. The ones that just might give me nightmares. To do this I

compiled a list of movies deemed either by science, friends/family, or internet lists to be the

scariest movies of all time and then started my marathon, at night, alone, with the TV screen

my only light. Which movies were enough for me to question why I even started this

challenge in the first place? Scroll on down to find out!



Compiling the List


So as I mentioned above I included in my list movies deemed to be the scariest based on science.

Since 2020 a study has been conducted by Broadband Choices called the Science of Scare where

they hook 250 people up to heart rate monitors and make them watch various different scary movies.

During each movie they record their heart rate and then rank the movies 1-30 based on the average heart

rate during the movie and heart rate spikes. For my list I used the 2021 Science of Scare rankings, however

they have just recently released the official 2022 rankings with some new contenders on the list. I then

added in scary movies from various different articles, friends, and movies I personally think

should have been included. Afterwards this is the list I was left with in alphabetical order

(the numbers next to movie titles indicates the movie’s ranking in the 2021 Science of Scare study):


28 Days Later (#23)

Alien (#30)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) (#16)


A Quiet Place (#14)

A Quiet Place II (#8)


Cabin Fever

Candyman (#24)


Child’s Play

Dark Skies

Friday the 13th (#29)

Get Out

Goodnight Mommy

Halloween (1978) (#17)

Hell House, LLC

The House October Built

Hereditary (#5)

Hills Have Eyes

Host – Shudder (#1 Scariest)

Hush (#13)

Insidious (#3)

Into the Tall Grass

IT: Chapter One (2017) (#19)

It Follows (#7)

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Lake Mungo

Last Seen Alive

Let the Right One In

Lords of Salem



Paranormal Activity (#9)

Poltergeist (#27)



Rec (#22)

Rosemary’s Baby




Silent Hill

Sinister (#2)

Sleepy Hollow

Spiral: Saw


Terrified – Shudder (#6)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974) (#18)

The Babadook (#11)

The Birds

The Blair Witch Project (#28)

The Conjuring (#4) 

The Conjuring 2 (#10)

The Conjuring the Devil Made Me Do It (#20)

The Descent (#12)

The Exorcist (#21)

The Grudge (#25)

The House of the Devil

The Invisible Man (#26)

The Last House on the Left (1972)

The Nun

The Omen

The Orphanage

The Others

The Possession

The Ring (#15)

The Shining

The Strangers

The Thing (1984)

The Unborn

The Visit

The Wicker Man

The Witch

The Witches

Under the Skin



When a Stranger Calls

Wolf Creek


Once I had the master list created it was time to get to work and watch some horror movies.

I went through the entire list, even rewatching ones I had seen before in order to give each

movie a nice fair fight, and then constructed my list.




So after all the long late nights of adrenaline pumping madness these are the movies

I personally think are the top ten scariest movies to watch:


10) Last Shift/The Descent



I went back and forth between these movies for which I thought deserved the number 10

spot and then decided since it is my list I can put both. Lol Last Shift is a lesser known movie

which surprises me given the level of pure creepiness and jump scares it has in it while

Descent really uses fears like claustrophobia combined with jump scares to get to ya.  


9) The Houses October Built



This movie will make you rethink ever going to a haunted house. In fact I refused

to go to one for a very very long time after I watched it for the first time.


8) REC



Zombie movies don’t typically scare me all that much, but this one really

surprised me with just how scary it turned out to be and I did not see the twist at the end coming.


7) Paranormal Activity



Not being able to see things coming and the long periods of building

anticipation make this movie a definite fear inducer.


6) The Nun



The chanting in this movie is really what scares me more than anything

however the jump scares in this movie, like all the other Conjuring movies, are top notch.


5) IT



A killer clown and a TON of jump scares. Totally forgot how scary this movie is.


4) Hell House, LLC



The fact that this movie was not on ANY of the three Science of Scare lists just boggles

my mind. This is hands down one of the scariest movies I have ever seen and I will die on that hill.


3) The Conjuring



The movie that started off the best and scariest horror universe to date.

No matter how many times I watch it I STILL get jump scared.


2) Annabelle Creation



Dolls and children. Two things I do NOT mess with in horror movies.


1) The Conjuring 2



The Conjuring universe in my opinion has produced THE scariest movies

I have ever seen and this one takes the coveted first place seat.



Final Thoughts


After watching all the movies there were of course some I was not only surprised to see

on the Science of Scare list, but also see so high up in the rankings such as the movie

It Follows. You can yell at me all you want, but I don’t think there is a single thing about

that movie that is scary and it should not have even made it into the top 30. Same with the

movies 28 Days Later and Cabin Fever. I also have to point out that slasher films don’t

affect me in the slightest because I have (sadly?) become very desensitized

to all the gore. Pretty much if it is not a jump scare you are not going to be scaring me! Lol


Overall, I had a lot of fun watching all the horror movies on the list and

crafting my own top scary movie list. Do you agree with my choices? Are there

some movies I missed that you think are scary and worth a watch? Let me know in the comments!





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