Etsy Spooky Season Halloween Clothing Haul – Blogtober #4

This year I decided to do a little shopping on Etsy for some spooky

themed clothing and y’all did I find some great pieces! Holy cow! Definitely

will be shopping on Etsy for spooky clothes again. In fact, I may or may

not have gotten distracted while finding the links for the pieces in this

video and started shopping again already. lol Hope you enjoy watching!


OH BUT WAIT! Before you start watching the video I wanted to talk about a couple of other

amazing small businesses that make absolutely beautiful

shirts you definitely need: The Twisted H

and Doxie Designs. I just recently learned about Alex from Doxie Designs, but

I have been loving everything I have seen from her and Mickayla

from The Twisted H is just the absolute best! Oh and since I know

both girls I am not lying when I tell y’all that they are just the

absolute sweetest! Check them out using the links below!


Doxie Designs Facebook

Doxie Designs Instagram

The Twisted H Facebook

The Twisted H Instagram



Now on to the video!




Clothing Pieces (affiliate links):


F.R.I.E.N.D.S Sweater

Big Book of Ghost Hunting

Ghost Cats Tee

Spooky Season Sweater

Halloween Logo Sweater

Pumpkins Sweater




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