Watch it Wednesday: My Thoughts on the Netflix Trending Shows Part 14

In this week’s Watch It Wednesday I found four shows I couldn’t stop

myself from binge-watching and a Hallmark-y rom com that surprised me

in a good way. Find out what shows these are and more in the article below!






YO THIS SHOW. I knew from the moment I saw the title it was

a show for me and y’all it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! This show has great

cult vibes, drama, twists, turns, and some slight Midsommar-esque horror

vibes that made it so easy to binge. Definitely a MUST WATCH series.


End of the Road WATCH



Queen Latifah takes being a mama bear to a whole new level in this

movie. It was entertaining, had some funny moments, characters I liked, and

a twist that I actually didn’t see coming. Definitely an action thriller worth the watch.


Dated & Related WATCH



Some people might read the summary of this show and think it is weird

to have siblings on a dating show together, but as a big sister who

has served as wing-woman for my lil bro and been a third wheel on his

dates multiple times over the past few years I 100% understand and appreciate

this angle. I know I would trust my brother to pick someone good for me to date

and I think he would say the same! In addition to liking the unique

angle of this show I did also, most importantly, find it entertaining. Granted

I wished there had been a little bit more drama, but still enjoyed watching.


Sins of Our Mother SKIP


I don’t know if I have just not been in the mood for documentaries, but this

one was a total flop for me. I didn’t even make it through the first episode

before being so bored I realized I had stopped listening and watching all

together. I feel like, from what I saw, there was all of this build up to some

big heinous surprising crime, but then not really much boom when

the truth finally rang out. 





I am always a sucker for a character that doesn’t care what people think, marches

to the beat of their own drum, might be classified as a bitch, is stubborn, and

hates almost everyone and the lead character in this show, Murphy, is a

character that checks all those boxes and more. Like one of the high

schoolers in the show said “she is my idol.” Lol Oh and not only does it

have a character like Murphy but it has a very interesting murder mystery

aspect that really helps add to its bingeability.


Love In the Villa WATCH



Well…this was unexpected. I went into this movie expecting to find some

Hallmark-y nonsense that I would hate. While I of course found the

nonsense, the surprising part is that I actually didn’t hate it. In fact, I kind of

enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong there were still parts where I

scoffed, but also many parts where I found myself unknowingly smiling.

I don’t know y’all. Maybe I am going soft, maybe I wasn’t focused enough

on the movie, or maybe I was distracted by the main character and his

British accent, but I wasn’t mad about spending some time watching this one. 


I Came By



I didn’t think this movie was terrible, but I did find it to be waaaaay too

predictable which is certainly not what you want when watching

a mystery/thriller. I guess I will leave the choice of

whether to watch or not up to you!





If you are a fan of the shows Boo Bitch and Never Have I Ever I feel like

this is also a show you will like. I really enjoyed the style of this

show with its talking-to-the-camera moments, the whole opposites

attract best friends, and of course the drama with sprinklings of comedy. Definitely entertaining!


Do Revenge SKIP



Not a terrible movie, but I felt like it was a little too childish at times

even for a movie with a high school setting. I would pass on this one if I were you.





I was super intrigued by one of the show posters I saw for this one so I

was actually kind of excited to give it a watch. Y’all I was hooked

halfway through the first episode and binged right on through!

If you are a fan of thriller/action/superhero shows

then this is a great one for you!




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