I Tried Tone It Up’s Workout Program and Meal Plan for 30 Days – Did I See Results?

I don’t remember exactly where I learned about Tone It Up (probably

in my research when looking for different fitness influencers. You can

read about my thoughts on some popular fitness

influencers here), but I’m glad I found them. Their workout gear and

products might be cute and the trainers are all total babes, but man do

these girls know how to work ya. Scroll on down to read more about

my time living the Tone It Up lifestyle for 30 days!


Workout Program Selection: 30 Day Booty

Y’all know I am going to pick the workout program focused on building

the peach! Give me that dump truck baby! Hahaha Leg day has and

I think forever will be my favorite workout day so choosing the program

specifically for the booty was a no brainer. 



One of my favorite things about this workout program is having the

workouts already picked out for me. It saves me a lot of time trying

to find a workout to do and it also keeps me from not doing a workout

just because it sounds like too much work (I have gotten lazy in my old

age. lol). With these workouts I don’t know what to expect for difficulty

until it is too late which is good because these workouts are no walk in

the park. These girls talk and sound all sweet, but man do they push

you. Lol  I also really like the variety of the workouts. Workouts that have

a lot of repetition bore me and make me want to stop working out before

things are done so it was nice not having to deal with that as much here.


Meal Plan

When you sign up to be a member/subscriber you get access to their meal plans for free! I chose their regular meal plan for this challenge.


The absolute hardest part for me with any new health regime is the

healthy eating. I am an extremely picky eater and while I loved that they

have a meal plan for you, while I was reading through the recipes I

wasn’t finding much I actually thought I would like and knew there was

going to have to be some changes/replacements made. Oh and healthy

eating requires a lot of prep and involves you having to actually cook food

so I won’t lie and say I never broke the diet. There were definitely days

where you would find me eating pizza rolls or hot dogs out of convenience

and well….because I am weak and gave in to my cravings. But you know

what? I think it is totally fine to have some “cheat” meals every once in a while

and I never let that get me down or make me stop from trying to eat

healthy the rest of the time. Perfection was not the goal. Bettering myself was. 


Like I said, I really liked how they had a meal plan already crafted for you. However, I did end up changing some of the meals or moving them around as you can in the photos above.

And here are some of the Tone It Up meals I really liked!


So what are my final thoughts on Tone It Up? Honestly, I really enjoyed their

program. They made it easy for me to workout by taking out a lot of the prep

work and they made sure there was never a wasted session.

The trainers are all very encouraging and they

know how to push you to work harder. Don’t let their good looks fool ya…these girls

are motivators! Lol 


Their meal plan is also really well done. They have sooo many different

food options and recipes that even a picky eater like me was able to

make it through, which is a testimony to how well done it was in and of itself. 


Their app (and website) was easy to navigate and use and there are

sooo many resources for you from workout and nutrition tips, more

recipes, programs for the pregnant ladies, mental health, and more.


I also really enjoyed their products that I tried out which included their protein

bars (my favorite were the chocolate peanut butter ones) and protein powder (chocolate of course. Lol)



I actually just saw that Walmart is now carrying

them and I was waaay too excited about it. These are seriously some of the best

protein products I have ever tried. Definitely worth the price in my opinion.

Oh and everything comes in such adorable packaging. Like sold. Lol


But the main thing I’m sure you all are wondering…did I see any results?

Well…I forgot to take real progress pics so these mirror selfies will have to do. Lol


This one was taken around day 1.

I do have to admit that before trying out this program I had already been working out pretty frequently as part of my 30 day 5am wakeup challenge so I was already at a pretty decent spot fitness wise. Workout set can be found here


This one was taken about halfway through.

Outfit details: Top Shorts


And this one around the final day.


In the end as far as physical changes go I did notice my abs to be a little more defined

and I did feel like my booty had grown/toned up a little. However, the

biggest change I noticed was in how I felt. Eating healthy and working out

everyday made me feel so accomplished, like I finally had my life

together, AND it gave me a confidence boost. You know what they say

“look good, feel good” and “put good in get good out.” Well that definitely was

the case here. And I’m not saying every day was a walk in the park. There

were definitely days where I didn’t want to work out or was just craving something processed, but overall once I got into

the flow of things there was less resistance (well aside from the food part. I swear

eating healthy will always be my biggest struggle. Lol).


Whether you try Tone It Up or not I think one of the big things to remember with workout programs like

this or really any type of fitness regime you partake in, is that it is okay

to not do it perfectly. Listen to your body. It tells you what it needs even

if that means it needs a cosmic brownie like ASAP. lol If you miss a workout

one day it is not the end of the world. There were definitely days while doing this

program where I missed a day because of time constraints or because I just didn’t

feel like it so I would workout for longer the next day or

add in an extra workout day, or maybe just take the time off and use it

to meditate or something like that.

Remember you are doing this to make yourself feel better not miserable!


So do I recommend Tone It Up? Oh most definitely. Even though I no longer

have my subscription (I have some other programs/fitness challenges I want to try for

the blog so I didn’t think it was feasible to keep for the time being) I have no problems

telling people this is one of the best. So if you are in search of something new to try

go with this one and let me know your thoughts when you do!




7 thoughts on “I Tried Tone It Up’s Workout Program and Meal Plan for 30 Days – Did I See Results?

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  1. Great routine! I myself like to follow certain channels on YouTube, and I tend to opt for bodyweight stuff for the simplicity. It was nice to see your progress, and I’ve noticed other interesting topics on your blog, so imma definitely check them out. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I like using Youtube videos as well. What are some of the channels you follow? And yay! So glad you found some other articles that interest you! Hope you enjoy them and thank you for reading! 🙂


      1. I haven’t heard of either of those, but I will definitely have to check them out! I’m always on the hunt for new channels/routines. Thanks for sharing!


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