The First Annual Bookish Awards: 2021

They have award shows for movies and TV shows where they choose the best

actor/actress, the best screenplay, the best director, etc. However, one thing I

have always wondered is why don’t they have an award show for books? I

mean I know I would watch that! So I decided to take things into my own

hands and create the first annual Book Awards for the books I read in 2021.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if the comments if you agree with my

winners and who your 2021 book award winners are!



Best Male Main Character


Thomas Cresswell – Stalking Jack the Ripper

Prince Kai – Cinder

Mark Watney – The Martian


And the winner for best male main character is….



40727470. sy475


Every time Thomas appeared in this book, heck in this whole series, I just

felt my heart flutter. I cannot remember the last time I have loved a character

so much and his relationship with Audrey Rose was just the cherry on top.


Best Female Main Character


Audrey Rose Wadsworth – Stalking Jack the Ripper

Cinder – Cinder

Daisy Jones – Daisy Jones & the Six


And the winner for best female main character is….


Daisy Jones!


Y’all had to know this was coming. Lol All of the ladies in the nominee list are

strong women who can fend for themselves, however in the end it

was Daisy Jones, with her brokenness and wayward spirit that just won my

heart. I related to her in many ways and I loved her “I don’t care and won’t take

no shit from anyone” attitude. 


Best Female Supporting Character


Iko – Cinder

Old Mrs. Hempstock – The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Ilsa Flynn – This Savage Song


And the winner of best female supporting character is….




Iko is sassy, funny, and even though she is a cyborg she is one the best

friends a girl could ask for. She was definitely a great addition to not just

Cinder but the entire Lunar Chronicle Series.


Best Male Supporting Character


Dr. Jonathan Wadsworth – Stalking Jack the Ripper

Mephistopheles – Escaping From Houdini

Captain Carswell Thorne – Cress


And the winner for best supporting male character is….




Remember how earlier when I was talking about Thomas Cresswell I said I

couldn’t imagine loving a character more? Yeah well that was true until I

meant Captain Thorne. He is cocky and a bit of a player, but my god if I just don’t

love the absolute crap out of him. I need a book entirely about him and from

his point of view please!


Best Storyline


These are the books that I just couldn’t put down and had a plot that was easy

to follow, entertaining, and without many if any plot holes.

The nominees for best storyline are…


The Martian by Andy Weir

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab


And the winner for best storyline is….





While all these books were amazing The Martian is the one I remember

opening every time I had even just a second to read. It was obvious a lot of research

by Weir had been done to write it

and even though it contained a lot of science it was so funny and entertaining.

Like seriously funny. I was laughing at loud through some parts and I don’t think

a smile ever left my face while reading. Cannot wait to read Project Hail Mary.


Best Author


There really wasn’t an author I disliked in 2021. All 27 provided me with easy

to follow stories that were mostly entertaining and made me want

to read from them again.

The 3 nominees for best author in 2021 are:


Marissa Meyer, The Lunar Chronicles

Kerri Maniscalco, Stalking Jack the Ripper Series

Victoria Schwab, This Savage Song & This Dark Duet


And the winner for best author is….



All the authors on this nominee list I had the opportunity to read multiple books

from and while it was a close call I have to give the win to Marissa Meyer.

The characters she created in The Lunar Chronicles were sublime and her

writing instantly transported you to their world.


Best Book Cover


Picking a winner for best book cover was difficult as there were many amazing

book covers to look at from the list of books I read in 2021.

The top 3 nominees are: 



And the winner for best book cover of 2021 is….




I love all the different colors on the cover of this book and I really like how the

airplanes separate the two girls. Overall I just found this cover to be very visually

appealing and one that stands out.





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