My 10 Favorite Travel Locations I Visited in 2021

Trying to narrow down this list to only 10 favorites was a lot

harder than I expected it to be! I went to so many amazing

places in 2021 where I made some great memories and I can’t

wait to return to them. Hope you enjoy taking a look at 10 of

my favorite stops of 2021 and hopefully you can find some new places

to add to your travel list. 😉




There will never be a time when Moab is not on my list

for top travel places. Sorry not sorry. Lol It has become my

home away from home and a place I MUST visit at least once

a year. If you haven’t been you need to go ASAP especially if

you love outdoor adventures. You can do everything here from

hiking, to rafting on the Colorado River, to canyoneering, even

ziplining! Plus there are two national parks and mountains close by. My

highlight from this year’s trip there was driving on the Shafer Trail with my friend Kristin!

(Read about our Shafer Trail adventures here)


Death Valley National Park

I was honestly surprised by how much I loved Death Valley.

I figured it was a boring hot wasteland with nothing to do or

see, but man was I wrong. This park is STUNNING and it feels

like you are on a whole other planet. Totally worth dealing

with the heat. I cannot wait to return! (Death Valley article here!)


White Sands National Park

I had never been a fan of going places where you will wind up

leaving with sand in all the wrong places, but I would return

to this national park in a heartbeat. It is straight up gorgeous and

I had an absolute blast traipsing up and down the sand dunes. (White Sands article here)


Joshua Tree National Park

This is the park that sparked my entire spring road trip and

y’all it did not disappoint in the slightest. I loved getting to

see the Joshua Trees in person and even though the park was

busy AF and I didn’t get to do the things I had on my list I was

still able to find some amazing views and make the most of my

time there. I cannot wait to return this spring! (Joshua Tree article here)


The Conjuring House

I feel like I would have gotten yelled at if this one didn’t make

the list. Lol Even though I was terrified almost the entire time I

was there I will never stop bragging about how I survived a night

in the house and saw a ton of activity while I was there!

Talk about a conversation starter! (Read more about my night here!)


The Lizzie Borden House

Another iconic spook place that had to make the list. I might

not have gotten a great night of sleep, but it was a very

cool experience that I would definitely do again…with friends. lol

(You can read about my night in the house here!)


Bryce Canyon

This national park is the one that surprised me the most in 2021.

I didn’t think I would like this park at all, but I was in awe from

the first scenic viewpoint. Good thing it was cold and snowy

when I was there because otherwise I would have probably been

eating a lot of bugs with the way my jaw was constantly dragging on the ground. 

(Read more about Bryce Canyon here!)


Palm Springs

I wasn’t in Palm Springs for very long, but I remember it being

one of the most chill places that I visited this past year. I was

obsessed with my hotel (The Saguaro) and the scenery was

gorgeous. I was planning my next trip back before I even left. 

(Palm Springs article here)



By the end of Halloween day in Salem my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

I seriously don’t think that a smile ever left my face

while I was here. I loved every second of it. (Halloween in Salem article here.)


Grand Staircase Escalante

There were some extremely long hikes in this park and the

temps were well in the high 80s-90s, but I didn’t care.

Well…okay I cared a little bit, however I was having so much

fun and looking at such beautiful scenes that in the end it really

didn’t matter all that much. I remember being so happy walking

the trail to Lower creek falls with Leave Her Wild by Tyler Rich on repeat

and dancing like no one was watching (which I really hope was

true because I am NOT a dancer lol). This was also the place where

I faced my claustrophobia and went into a slot canyon! I met some

really nice guys while in there who helped me get through it. I really

don’t know if I would have made it without them so thank you Willis and Eli from Provo!

(Grand Staircase-Escalante article here)






While the parking in Sedona was absolutely ridiculous (especially

in my huge Ford truck) every hike I went on was breathtakingly

beautiful and I met some really cool people including a guy

named James who totally saved my butt more than once

on the trail for Cathedral Rock. Thanks bud. (Sedona article here)


Saguaro National Park

Miles and miles of cacti? I mean…that right there makes it worthy

of a spot as a favorite place! I LOVED my time in Saguaro and getting

to see all the MASSIVE cacti. Like seriously some of them had to be

like well over 20 feet tall. It made me feel like I was

in a western movie and I even saw some huge tumbleweeds. lol

Only thing that would have made it better was if

Scott Eastwood or Jensen Ackles (in cowboy hats, boots, and wranglers of course)

had been there with me. lol (Read more about my time in the park here.)





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