My Favorite Recipes of 2021 

For those of you who like the food articles I feel like I owe you

an apology because there really weren’t too many in 2021!

One of my goals for 2022 is to actually get caught up on

all the recipes I have already made so hopefully that means

you will have more to look forward to this year. However, until

then here is a look back on my top 10 favorite recipes

(in no particular order) of 2021! Did you have a favorite

recipe I posted? Or even a new favorite you found somewhere

else? Let me know in the comments! 



Mini Apple Pie Christmas Trees

I was pretty dang proud of these little Christmas trees so

they definitely had to make the list! Plus…pie. Need I say more? Lol 



Mom’s Banana Muffins

These are the absolute best banana muffins that I have ever had. *sigh*



Cinnamon Rolls

Making these cinnamon rolls brought back the times when

I would help my mom make hers in our little farmhouse

kitchen which automatically made it a contender. Add in the

fact that they were abso-freakin-lutely delicious and we had a winner. 



Buddy’s Pasta

This definitely wasn’t the best tasting dish I have

concocted, but making it and eating it along with

Buddy the Elf was a lot of fun.



Stovetop Mashed Potatoes

The first time I tried these mashed potatoes I remember

literally closing my eyes because they were so creamy and amazing. 




I would have to say that taste wise this is the dish that

surprised me most this year. I honestly went into the dish

thinking that I was going to hate it, but it turned out to actually

be pretty good. Maybe I don’t hate vegetables as much as I thought I did. Lol 



Baked Ziti

Every time I look at the picture of this meal I hear my

stomach growl and my mouth starts to water. Absolutely

delicious and saves you a trip to Olive Garden! 



Fried Chicken

Shutting down the KFC in my town was quite the blow so

making my own fried chicken at home that wasn’t too far from

the Colonel’s own really helped soften it a little. 



Giant Chocolate Layer Cake

Giant. Chocolate. Cake. I rest my case. 



New York Style Cheese Pizza

It is hard to go wrong with pizza! Truthfully I don’t make my

own pizza very often (I like to stick with the frozen Red Baron

pizzas), but this one turned out so good I have

definitely considered it more often. 






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