My Defining Moments of 2021

Man was 2021 a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The year started

out with me being the most depressed I had been in a very long

time. I am surprised I am still here today because, to be honest, that

was not the plan. However, I prayed through it all, gave myself time to

cry (A LOT), removed myself from life and responsibilities for a little

while and FINALLY, by summer, I found myself close to normal and out

of the slump. Summer was great, fall was stressful yet fun, but then by

November things were going in the wrong direction again.

However, by the new year I was back and ready to take on life yet

again! Told you….rollercoaster. Lol Below you will find the moments

in 2021 that left quite an impression on me and are the ones I think

of when I think 2021. I hope you enjoy reading about them!


Road Trippin’

As I mentioned above, the year did not start out great. I had

already been struggling with terrible depression for months, in

February I broke up with my boyfriend, my friends cancelled our

girls trip, and then to top it all off I had to deal with some very bad

sexual harrassment issues from guys at my workplace. It was all

just too much and so I decided I needed to get away and went on a

road trip by myself to the southwest US, one of my favorite places

in the country. I remember the second I left my town I instantly began

to feel better and by this point in the trip, while walking through

Saguaro National Park in Arizona, I could just feel the weight of all

the negative energy that had been weighing on me for MONTHS

finally start to lift. For the first time in so long I couldn’t stop smiling

and that trip proved to not only be much needed, but was my favorite

trip I have taken to date. I had never felt so free and I cannot wait to

return to that part of the country again. 


Fr. Kapaun Homecoming

Growing up and going to church in Pilsen made Fr. Kapaun a HUGE

deal and long before he began his journey to sainthood my family

was praying to him. He kept my cousin safe while he was out

defending our country and he was a rock for my mom when she

was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2021 they identified his

remains, which were thought to have been lost in a POW camp, and

they brought him back home to Pilsen with almost every bone

accounted for. Being able to be there once again a part of the

community I grew up in, the community that will forever be my

home, on the day they brought Fr. Kapaun home was a surreal and

once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. (You can

read more about Fr. Kapaun’s homecoming and what it meant

to me in this article here.) 


Adulting Things

In 2021 I came to an adult crossroads; buy a new vehicle or buy

a house. After some debate I ended up going with the more

responsible decision and decided to buy a house! I talked to

my landlord and asked if he would be willing to sell me the house

I had been renting and got a yes! I sent in my application to the bank

in March and after a long, long, LONG and frustrating process

I finally, officially, became a homeowner in August. Woooo! I didn’t

have to move since it was the same house I had already been living

in for the past couple of years which was nice and I immediately

started making the house a home. Stay tuned for all the house renos

and room transformations that are coming!


Becoming a Mom

The same day I signed the papers on my house I did something

I have been wanting to do ever since I moved to town, I got cats.

Plural. Not one, not two, but three adorable little fluff turds. Lol

They drive me crazy some days that’s for sure, but I love them so

much and I couldn’t imagine life without them. I am one

proud cat mom. (You can read more about how my life has

changed thanks to these furballs here.)


Scaring Myself Silly

I had to include this one. I mean come on. How many people can

say that they spent the night in the house that inspired the best

horror franchise (in my opinion) of all time?! I definitely learned

a lot about myself in those 11 hours while I was there…mainly just

the fact that while I love ghost stories I am not particularly a fan of

being a part of one. #scaredycat Lol (You can read more about my

time spent in this house here.) 


Silver Fox

My final defining moment is one I was suuuuper nervous about, but

am so happy I went through with, dying my hair! I have never not

been blonde, however, I personally think the new hair fits me better

than my blonde ever did and it has definitely changed how I feel

about myself in a good way. (Hair transformation article can be found here.)




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