What I Got For Christmas 2021

After my kid phase I have found it harder and harder to put

together a Christmas list. Family and friends would ask me

what I wanted and my response was always the same, “I don’t

want anything.” Of course that’s not entirely true. There are a

lot of things I want, but I just don’t want them spending their hard

earned money and time on me! In fact the only reason I had one

this year was because it was requested as a blog article! Receiving

gifts is my lowest scoring love language and I would much rather

be on the opposite side giving the perfect gifts to the ones I love!

However, with this said, every year I am spoiled by my friends and

family at Christmas and this year it was certainly no different! You can

read all about what I got below!


From My Dad

Cherry Kolache

Cherry Kolaches are hands down one of my absolute

favorite foods of all time so I was ecstatic to be gifted a dozen

of these. (Two were gone before we even finished opening gifts! Lol)


Card and $50

I had to share this card because my dad was pretty excited

about it. lol He said since I dyed my hair anyway after he specifically

told me he didn’t want me to do it, it was too perfect to pass up!

(Don’t worry, my dad said he actually does like my new hair. Lol You

can actually check out his first-reaction here!)


Deep Freeze

My dad and I were talking the last time I was at his house and

I had mentioned that I wanted to get a deep freeze at some

point because the freezer in my side by side fridge is just too

tiny for me to actually stock up on things. He surprised me with

a brand new one Christmas Eve morning and I love it! I stocked up

on everything and oddly enough it really made me feel more at home.


From My Brother

Smirnoff Screwdriver

I think this was more a gift for him than for me since I am not a

drinker. Lol I legit had to ask him what it meant to be “iced” and

he thankfully let me get away with not chugging it like in the

challenge and instead kind of sip on it throughout the day, but

overall this was a fun memory I will forever have. 



Oh and of course I have to include how this was

wrapped. Lol Leave it to Adam lol


Target Gift Card

The boy knows his sister. I can ALWAYS use a Target gift card. 



My dad must have told my brother what was in my “What I

Want For Christmas” article cause these towels from Target

were on that list! Totally nailed it and he even got some matching

hand towels to go with! Good job lil bro!


From My Friend Kristin

Travel Blanket

I don’t think Kristin knew this, but I have always wanted a travel

blanket. This one is super cute with the black and white pattern

and I think it is amazing how it folds up and has its own carrying straps!


Tote Bag 

I love having tote bags to carry all my stuff

in and this one is just so cute!


Chick-Fil-A Gift Card

She knows. Chick-Fil-A is one of my all time favorite restaurants.

Original chicken sandwich and waffle fries I am coming for you! 🤤


Glossier Products

Abigail and Kristin love this brand and so in her Christmas

present to me Kristin included 2 of her favorite Glossier

products. I can’t wait to test them!


One of my favorite National Parks that I have visited is Joshua

Tree and also happens to be where Kristin is working this winter!

In her Christmas present to me she sent a lot of Joshua Tree

merch and I love it all so much! 


Joshua Tree Magnet

Obsessed…already on my fridge!


Joshua Tree Patches

Cannot wait to add these to my hiking pack with the other patches!


Joshua Tree

Umm are you kidding me?! My own Joshua Tree?! I cannot wait

to start growing this! Here’s to hoping I can keep it alive. Lol


From My Friend Nicole

Cat Mom Sweater

As y’all know I became a proud cat mom back in August 2021

and now I have this adorable sweater to tell the world! 


From My Friend Kelly


Okay, umm, how stinking cute are all of these

jewelry pieces?! Kelly you nailed it! 



I LOVE journals and use them ALL THE TIME. There’s just nothing

better than a pen and paper! I know I am going to use the crap

out of this journal and the quote on the front is perfect. 


From Grandma Kreikemeier


My Grandpa Kreikemeier passed away in 2019 and this ornament

was made using some of his ties. Definitely a very special piece. 


Applebee’s Gift Card

Grandma looking out for me and making sure I am staying fed! 


From Work

Walmart Gift Card

Much like the Target gift card from my brother I could

always use a Walmart gift card as well!



What a cute little ornament.



What did you get for Christmas?




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