My 2022 Reading Goals: How I Will Turn 2022 Into My Best Reading Year Yet

If you were to take a look at my reading recaps from the

last couple of years you would probably be surprised to know that

I LOVE to read, but I swear I do! lol In 2022 I hope to finally cross

off at least one of the goals that I have been shooting for

for years so I can finally feel like an accomplished book lover

again. Channeling high school Amy….now! Lol Hope you enjoy

reading about my reading goals.


A Look Back On My 2021 Reading Goals


Read 100 books

Setting reading goals like I am a booktuber seems to be a bit of

a stretch for me especially considering I only managed to make

it through a measly 38 books this year. A lower reading

goal is probably a good idea. Lol 


Make it at least halfway through the Bible

A great goal for anyone to have and one I continue to fall short

on. Hopefully in 2022 I can do a better job with it. Perhaps I need

to set a designated Bible study time.


Read all the books I currently own (144 books)

(My TBR shelf)

I think I will feel a little bit better about buying more

books (because, let’s be honest, I couldn’t stop buying books

even if I wanted to) if I have at least made a sizable dent into

the books that currently grace my TBR shelf now. 


Read the books that have been on my TBR list

for 2 or more years (69 books)

I am constantly adding books to my TBR and unfortunately

for some books they get pushed to the side by others. In 2021

I think I only managed to read a small handful of the books

that have been on this list for 2 years or more. Maybe one

day those books will get read. Lol  


Finish the Great American Reads Reading List (78 books left)

Ever since watching this on PBS I have wanted to read all

the books on the list. I’m not going to lie though, I kind of forgot

about the list during 2021 and didn’t make it very far through it. 


Final 2022 Reading Goals 


Read 50 Books

In 2020 my goal was 365 books. In 2021 my goal was 100

books. After falling far short both years I decided it is best to

set the bar lower in 2022 at 50 books. Here’s to hoping I can

finally complete a Goodreads reading challenge.


Take Part in an Online Book Club

One of the booktubers I watch (BooksandLaLa) hosts a book

club every year and I have always wanted to take part in it ever

since she started it. Now with my own book club’s future appearing

to be over I plan on filling that space with hers!


Finish the Great American Read Book List

These books are said to be some of the best books to ever

be written so it is probably about time I read them myself, especially

after having this as my goal for multiple years now. Lol 


Make It Halfway Through the Bible

Yet another goal that is always on the list, but never actually

gets completed. Lol 2022 are you the year that this

behemoth gets taken down? Lol 


Prioritize Books I Already Own

Like every bookworm I am guilty of buying books and then

letting them sit on my shelf to collect dust while other new

releases and books take priority. This year I want to give the

books on my shelf their moment. 



What are your reading goals for 2022??





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