My 2022 Goals: How I Plan to Conquer the New Year

I started out 2021 doing great. I had a wonderful Christmas

with my family, a calm new year’s, went on one of the best road

trips I have been on to date, and more. However, things kind of

did a 180 and by the end of the year I felt like I was doing everything

in my power to just survive. Anyone else feel like this in 2021? All I

know is that I really hated that feeling and I am NOT about to let it

continue so 2022 you are a year all about thriving…not just surviving. I

am talking control, freedom, and of course fun! So below you will find

the goals that will help me achieve a wonderful 2022! Hope you enjoy reading!



Okay so before I get into my goals for 2022 I want to go

back and revisit my 2021 goals. 



A Look Back on My 2021 Goals


Goal #1: Reach 500 Followers For the Blog

Nailed it! So we haven’t hit 500 followers on any one single

platform yet, which is definitely still a goal, however, collectively

between the three platforms (Facebook, WordPress, and Instagram)

we have reached well over 500 so thank you

to all who subscribed, followed, and continue to read along!


Goal #2: Start a YouTube Channel

Well…this definitely didn’t happen. Lol However we are making

strides in the right direction…I think. Expect more reels as

I practice up my video making skills and then….maybe….just

maybe….some YouTube videos as has been requested! Lol 


Goal #3: Organize My Entire House 

Entire house organization might have been a stretch…organizing

is definitely no cheap feat! However, I did do some throughout

the year (mainly in the can check out my pantry

organization here) and since I love organizing so much having more

left to organize just gives me something to look forward to!


Goal #4: Organize My life

It is almost laughable at how badly I failed at this goal in

2021. Good thing I get another chance in 2022! 


Goal #5: Improve My Health

I definitely nailed the physical health aspect (well until the

end of the year 🙄), but the mental health can definitely still use a lot of work. 



Okay so that was my 2021 goal list and I have to say…I didn’t do

half bad! lol Definitely made some good strides! Now here are my goals for 2022!


Final 2022 Goal List


Pay off my debts…well…most of them. Lol 

No one likes having payments and losing any of their hard earned

money to them. This year I am hoping to pay off the credit card, pay

off a good chunk of my student loans, and reduce that house loan baby. 


Renovation Nation

As many of you know I bought my house back in August

and since then I have been planning renovations to make the

house feel more like my home. This year I have a few renovations

I really want to get done including the garage (which is already

almost there!!), my office (which is also almost done!), my bedroom and walk-in closet, the

home gym, and finally I want to put a shed in the backyard to

store all my decorations (yes…my decoration hoarding is that bad lol). I

also want to paint the outside of my house this coming year as well.

Definitely going to be busy, but I am excited!


New Whip

My car has done me well, for the most part, since buying

her, but with her high miles she is starting to show signs of being

more of a putt around town kind of a vehicle. This year I am hoping

to replace her and finally get my truck!


Mental Health is the Focus

So as I mentioned above I did a pretty good job for the

majority of the year at meeting my physical health goals, but

the end of 2021 showed me that I still had quite a ways to go

on the mental health side of things. This year there will be

less self hate, toxic relationships, comparisons, and fear, and

more believing in myself, knowing my worth, manifesting, and going

after what I want while accepting change openly. 


Grab Life by the Horns and Rock It

This past year I really felt like I was constantly dropping the

ball. I wasn’t there much for my friends and family, I was CONSTANTLY

late to everything, and I felt so unorganized, stressed, and behind

ALL THE TIME. I don’t want this to continue into 2022 because

this is the year of thriving not just surviving so we are making the

necessary changes to fix this all. 


Reach 1000 Followers on Blog

I want to turn the blog into a career someday so growth is definitely

an important factor in making that dream a reality! Last year the blog

made it to 500 and so this year I want to see 1000. It is a lofty goal, but

I’m hoping I can hit it. (Be sure to share the blog with your friends and

family any chance you get! Lol)



What are your goals for 2022?




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