Bye Bye Blondie – Dying My Hair a Different Color For the First Time in 26 Years

I have been blonde for 26 years. I started out with bright

white blonde hair as a kid, which then sadly turned into a dirty

blonde as I got older, and then last year I took the plunge

and dyed my hair for the first time ever….blonde still, just platinum. Lol

However, when I walked out of the hair salon four days

before Christmas, for the first time in my

entire life, my hair wasn’t blonde. 


Ever since October I had been thinking about dying my

hair. My Halloween costume character (Corpse Bride) of

course has blue gray hair and I thought “hmmm, maybe instead

of buying a wig I should just dye my hair blue.” I took to Instagram

and asked the blog fam and the poll came back with a

big “Yes! Do it!” However, I chickened out, bought a

blue wig, and the blonde hair stayed. 


Me as Corpse Bride


But my desire to change my hair didn’t stop there. I began

spending more and more time on Pinterest looking at various

different colors. It started with blue, then purple and silver, then

wine red, and finally I landed on a silvery blue. 


The Inspo Pics:


It was perfect. Exactly what I had been looking for so I sent

the photos off to my hair stylist annnnnnd was sad to hear she

didn’t have room in her schedule for me. (She said with that hair

color touch-ups would probably have to be done every 3-6 weeks.) 

So I asked my friends where they go to get their hair done

and that is how I came across Jessica with Blonde Ambitions

here in town. I messaged her the inspo photos and a picture

of my current hair color and we set up an appointment four days before Christmas. 


No photo description available.
Image source: Facebook
May be an image of text that says 'Jessica Koehn Hair OR o'
Image source: Facebook


I am not going to lie…I was NERVOUS. I had never not been

blonde. What if I hated it? What if it came out too blue? What

if I looked bad with that hair color? All these what ifs made my

heart race, but at the same time I was feeling excited. I was doing

something I always wanted to do, but was too scared of. And worst

case scenario I can just dye it back….right? 


It’s go time!


We started out with highlights…

Too late to change my mind now!

And then 2 rounds of toner. It was a long process but I

am absolutely in LOVE with the end result.


The Before

Me on the way to the salon.


3 Hours Later... | SpongeBob Time Card #143 - YouTube


The After

Talk about a rags to riches tale!



I feel like such a confident bad bitch with this hair color!

Jessica did an absolutely AMAZING job! Honestly I feel like

this is more me than my natural blonde! Maybe I won’t ever go back….



What’s the craziest thing you have ever done with your hair?


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