Ultimate Gift Guide for Her 2021

My ultimate gift guide for her features gifts that I think

would be perfect for any woman in your life! 


If you are looking for more gifts that are a little more

specified you can check out my other gift guides here:


Fitness Junkie

Beauty Lover


Type A




There are two things you can never go wrong with when

buying a gift for the special lady in your life: blankets and candles!

Which of course means everyone is going to get her a candle

so make the candle you get her more special by creating one

just for her! With this custom candle from Etsy you get to design

the label, pick the color, and the scent! It would be a really great

personalized gift that only she would have. 


Custom Candle 


These blankets from Walmart are under $20, but you would

never know it by the quality! Great huge blankets that

she will use constantly in the winter. 


Better Homes & Garden Sherpa Throw


Blanket Hoodie

In line with the blanket idea is this wearable

blanket that I know I would love!


Catalonia Blanket Hoodie


Wine Chiller

I’m not personally a wine drinker, but I know a lot of

girls who are that would love this as a gift. 


Vinglace Wine Chiller


Wine Subscription Box

And of course your girl has to have something to put in their

wine chiller so give her the gift that keeps on giving and sign

her up for a wine subscription box!


Some top choices would be:





This might seem like a simple gift, but I promise you

you cannot beat gifting a good robe. 


Satin Robe

Target Stars Above Comfy Robe


Candle Trimmer Set

My friend Nicole suggested this be put on the gift guide

this year as it is something on her Christmas list! She said

she did some research on how to make your candles last

longer and a candle trimming kit was the answer. I mean

who doesn’t want to make their amazing candles from

Bath & Body Works last longer?! I know I do!


Candle trimmer set


And of course you can throw in a Christmas

scented candle and a rechargeable lighter.

Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle

Rechargeable Lighter


Pajama Set

You can never go wrong with

gifting pajama sets. 


Amazon Satin 2 Piece Pajama Set – This is the

one in the picture and I love it!


Pillow Sandals

These sandals definitely aren’t the cutest BUT they are

said to be some of the most comfortable you will ever wear.

My friend Kristin has a pair and loves them!


Cushionaire Pillow Sandals


Towel Warmer 

I take HOT showers so one of my least favorite

things about showering is getting out in the cold, especially

during the winter. A towel warmer would definitely

be a greatly appreciated gift.


Livefine Towel Warmer


An Experience

A lot of girls really just enjoy spending time with the

people they love…or sometimes really could just use

some time by themselves. Lol Whether it is something you

can do together or something just for her I guarantee booking

an experience is something a little more unique that she will love.


Here are some ideas! 

Barnes and Noble Shopping Trip

Girls Day/Spa Day

Concert Tickets

Sporting Event Tickets 

Cooking Class

Wine Tasting


Charcuterie Board Kit

Charcutes are suuuuper in right now. Seriously, everyone

is doing them. If you know someone who likes to host, crafting

a charcuterie board kit would be a great gift. The kit could

include their own personalized charcuterie board, cheese

knives, and the recipe book Beautiful Boards by Maegan Brown.


Personalized Charcuterie Board

Beautiful Boards Recipe Book

Cheese Board Set


Silk Pillowcases

Not only do silk pillowcases look nicer, but sleeping

on them is also better for your skin and hair! 


Silk Pillowcases


Ember Mug

If you know someone who is always on the go or super forgetful

this is a great gift for them. This mug will keep their coffee, tea, whatever

hot drink they prefer, warm as long as they need it to.


Ember Mug


Untamed by Glennon Doyle

I have been seeing this memoir everywhere and after

reading what it is about I think it is a great book that

every woman should read. 




You could also get her the Untamed journal to go along with it!

Get Untamed Journal



If you know someone who takes a LOT of pictures

(like a mom or traveller) Chatbooks would be a great gift

for them! This way they don’t have to pick which photos to

show off and instead can show them all in these cute little books!






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