I Spent 11 Hours in The Conjuring House

Everyone’s heard of it. The Conjuring. It was said to be

one of the scariest horror movies ever made and

has become one of the highest grossing horror franchises.

Oh and this past November I spent 11 hours in the house that

inspired it all. I went there alone and joined about 15 other

people to try and find the ghosts of the Conjuring House and

boy did we find them. I felt things, heard things, and saw

things that I still cannot explain so it was a crazy and terrifying

night to say the least! Read all about my experience below!


The Conjuring House Facts


So before I get into my experience there are a

couple of things I want to address.


First, this house is not the same house you see in the movie. It is

the real house that inspired it, but it is not the one they filmed in.

So when you look at the pictures I took the layout is going to

look completely different than what you expect based on the movie.


Secondly, the home was owned by the Perron family and

while they lived there is when the activity seen in the Conjuring

movie occurred. (However much of it had to be toned down for

the film because they didn’t want the film to have an R rating.

Unfortunately, even their toned down version couldn’t escape

the rating. Andrea Perron talks about this and more in her

interview which can be found here) You can

also read the first hand account of what happened

in that house in the book “House of Darkness, House of Light” by Andrea

Perron one of the young girls who lived in the house.


Thirdly, there was no witch/demon named Bathsheba that possessed

the mom to kill the kids. There was a Bathsheba Sherman who lived

nearby the home in the 1800s however she was simply an ordinary woman.

Also, Catherine Perron, never tried to

murder her children. However, it was believed on multiple

occasions that she was possessed and that the demon

in the house was focused primarily on her hence why

the family eventually left the home.


Finally, the home has seen it’s fair share of battles but no

violent deaths have actually been reported inside of the home.


Now on to my experience!


Before I headed over to the house I checked into a

hotel, The Best Western in Milford, Massachusetts, where

I ate my “last meal” of KFC (you know…just in case lol) and

signed my life away on the Ghost Hunts USA waiver.


Needless to say the waiver didn’t make me feel any less nervous about going to the house. 


Then, as night slowly began to creep in, it was time for me

to make the 30 minute drive to the infamous clapboard farm

house on Round Top Road in Rhode Island. 


Off I go!

Side note in case any one is wondering….this is what I wore to the house.
Squad shirt
Orange Button Down
Black Skinny Jeans


Halfway through the drive the road changed from straight

and under the bright city lights to curvy with tall trees looming on

either side. The amount of cars dwindled until I was left on

the wooded road alone with the darkness pressing in from

all sides. The night was already setting the mood.


Finally I arrived at the house and was met by a gate topped with

barbed wire and multiple “No Trespassing” signs.

This is the fence in the daytime. They put up the gate and barbed wire because there were so many people trespassing.


I parked my car in a grass lot a little ways from the house, grabbed

everything I figured I would need for the night including a

flashlight, my voice recorder, phone, gloves, and debit card, and

set out alone into the cold, dark night down a creepy dirt lane towards the house.


This is the lane I had to walk up to get to the house. (In this photo I am walking back to my car after leaving the house.) You can see down the lane where there are a bunch of trees as the lane itself actually goes through a small section of woods. Definitely was not fun walking through that alone in the dark with only my flashlight.


After speed walking up the lane I arrived at the house.

As if being the Conjuring house wasn’t scary enough they thought they still needed to decorate the place for Halloween.


Meeting the Owners


The event began with us all gathered in the living room where

we met the owners of the home, Cory and Jennifer.

They bought the property back in 2019 and, ready for

this, they actually live there in a small wing of the house

with their 2 huge German Shepherds and little old Chihuahua.

I seriously don’t know how anyone could

even think about sleeping in that house, but Cory is

an ex-marine/paranormal investigator and Jennifer grew up

in a haunted house in Maine so I suppose if anyone could handle

the antics of the spirits in the house it would be them! Both

said they haven’t felt anything evil in the house since

they have been there just that it is very busy

with many spirits and things happening which I experienced

first hand in just the 11 hours that I was there. 


Cory is the guy in the black hoodie and khaki pants and Jennifer is the lady in the gray hoodie and leggings. One of their German Shepherd dogs can be seen in the photo as well! A little bit of normalcy in a place that is anything, but normal.


After spending some time talking with Cory and Jennifer

we were given time to peruse their gift shop where you

can buy shirts and well water from the actual well in the

basement (I don’t know who in their right mind would want

to take well water back with them! Talk about

inviting stuff home with you…)


Here is a photo of the well which is actually said to serve as a portal.




We all gathered in the living room again and sat in a large circle. 

Me thinking I was ready for what the night had in store for me. HA!
And here is a photo of the living room.


The lights were shut off one by one until we were left sitting

engulfed in darkness. As we sat there one of the investigators

from Ghost Hunts USA, Livv, brought out a mag light flashlight.

She turned the head of the flashlight to where if the flashlight

was tapped it would shut off/turn on and she then set the

flashlight in the middle of the floor. She stomped on the ground

around it to show us that that alone wouldn’t set

off the flashlight and then asked a

couple of yes and no questions to see if there were any

spirits in the room with us as well as to demonstrate how the

flashlight worked as a communication tool. Then we began our introductions. 


I sat on this sofa next to a girl named Sam who would become my friend and let me join her group, which pretty much made her a life saver cause there’s no way I would have done anything in that house by myself! lol


When it came my time to introduce myself I told everyone

my name, and answered the investigators prompts saying

that growing up in a haunted house is what initially got me

interested into the paranormal and that a combination of

the fact that the Conjuring movies are my favorite horror

movies and that my blog readers requested this excursion is

what brought me to the house. I also added in that I was

excited to be there, but also terrified, which was

certainly not what I should have said. After stating I was a little

terrified Livv immediately was like, “okay so we know who

to isolate tonight. Spirits, do you want us to isolate Amy

tonight?” I sat there staring at the flashlight praying that

it wouldn’t turn on. However, the ghosts had other plans for

me and the flashlight lit up nice and bright without hesitation. “Well looks like you

will be isolating tonight,” said Livv and I let out my first whimper. Lol


After the introductions Livv opened the floor up to all of

us and allowed us to ask the spirits yes or no questions

using the flashlight as a communication tool. You can hear a small session here:


You can hear in this audio me asking the spirit to turn off the light while trying not to let my voice shake. lol Thankfully (unfortunately?) the spirit didn’t listen to me and the light stayed on.




And then came the moment I was hoping wouldn’t come.

Livv asked the spirits if they were ready for someone to be

isolated. You can listen to that session here:

This audio is proof that I am apparently a HUGE scaredy cat. Definitely not my proudest moment. lol Honestly I was semi-okay until she started talking about shadows coming down the stairs to see me and then I was done. lol


This is the corner they asked me to go stand in. Doesn’t it just look so inviting? lol The door that is standing open is the door to one of the staircases that lead upstairs.


We continued with our yes and no questions with me sitting

on the very edge of the bottom step with my back to the

dark old wooden staircase. Then Livv

and Brittany (the other investigator) decided it was time to

take things up a notch and sent me upstairs away from the group.


These are the set of stairs I took up to the second floor.

You can listen to the audio where they tell me to go upstairs here:


I could hear every creak in the stairs as I made my

way up and then plopped myself down into the circle chair, which

I have to admit was extremely comfy, as Brittany instructed. With my back straight and

body tucked together trying to make myself as small of a target

as possible I stared out into the dark bedroom listening

to the quiet. Every creak or sound of a car made

me twitch and as I continued to stare into the darkness I

began to see places where the darkness would become even

darker. It was as if someone in the middle bedroom walked into

my line of sight and then moved back. Or more accurately

crouched right next to the bed and then moved away. Now

whether this experience was actually

a shadow figure or simply a trick my eyes thought would be

fun to play on me I am not sure, but it definitely wasn’t

something I appreciated in the moment.


You can listen to the recap from Brittany and I’s time upstairs here:


That white circle chair in the other bedroom is where I sat during my time upstairs and it was next to this bed where I thought I saw a shadow.


Back Upstairs I Go


After that whole experience we took a

small break and then it was time for everyone to head

upstairs. We were separated out into five different

spaces; the first bedroom where I sat with Brittany

the birthing room which is like a closet inside of the first

bedroom, the middle room where I thought I saw the


the closet in the middle room

and finally the back bedroom.


I was placed in the middle room where there is said to

be a LOT of activity annnd where I saw the shadow… Yay.


In that first bedroom Livv set up another instrument, a music

box that only plays when a spirit touches it.

Here in this picture you can see the music box (the black box with the red light on it) surrounded by some toy cars and a cat ball.

It wasn’t long after setting up the music box that we began interacting with a ghost.


In this audio you can hear Livv, who was holding a thermal

camera, talking about the temperature difference between the

room and the area by the stairwell where the music box was

sitting indicating the possibility of a spirit. You can also

hear the music box go off in response to Livv’s questions.



We were able to interact with this spirit for quite sometime

and once we established we were in fact talking with a

child (big NOPE to that…as I mentioned in my Lizzie Borden article I’m

not a huge fan of living children let alone ghost ones) Livv tried

to figure out how old the child was. You can listen to her asking here:


You can hear in the audio that we weren’t super successful at first just to prove that this wasn’t a trick. Towards the end you will hear that we were able to determine the child we were speaking with was 4 years old.


After finding out the age we brought out some more cars

for the child to play with, Livv played some music for the

spirit (ELVIS! Who can resist the King?! I know not me lil mama lol), and

I moved into the room with the music box for a better view of everything.

Yes. I moved closer to the ghost to get y’all photos and evidence…ya welcome. lol



However, the music box stopped making noise not long after

I entered the room and instead

a palpable silence fell upon us and you could feel the

whole energy shift. We were no longer in the presence

of the child, but something else. (And it was at that moment

where one of the group member’s jokes about me being the

spirit the whole time really started to seem accurate. lol)

Here is the audio narrating that energy shift:


The feeling in the room when the energy shifted was so strange. It is hard to describe, but it just felt like everything stopped. It was so insanely still and the quiet was unreal.


The EVP session Livv mentions during the above recording didn’t come up

with anything in my opinion, but Livv and Brittany think they

heard someone reply to a question with “An-Drew.” Take a

listen and let me know if you hear anything.



Not long after the EVP session we all felt the energy in

the room shift again and we believed the child had returned.



We finished our upstairs session by telling the child thank you

for talking with us and then it was time for us

to split up. Half of the group remained upstairs and the

other half (which included me) went into the library where

the doors open by themselves and Father John is said to make

it very clear that he does not like visitors. This was the only time I ever found

myself not wanting to go into a library.


The Library


Seriously with the dolls? Couldn’t have just chosen pillows?
I sat in this chair in the corner.


We sat in the library without talking the only noises the sound

of our breathing as strained our ears to hear anything, anything at all.

Then, the noises began. It started small… a few creaks here

and there easily explained as an old farm house settling.

However, the longer we sat in the room the louder and more

frequent the creaks became until we heard, right next

to me, the very obvious sound of someone moving. It

sounded as though someone was shifting their weight as

they scanned the books on the bookshelf and not but a few

seconds after I heard the noise I felt a chill come over my body

along with the overwhelming feeling of someone standing

right next to me followed by someone blowing air into

my right ear almost like a sigh. You can hear all this in the audio below:


The creaking continued as whatever was standing next to me

continued to look for a book (like bro go be indecisive anywhere

else but there please) and then the people who were

sitting by the doors began to hear noises as well. Footsteps

in fact. Footsteps right outside of the library doors. Footsteps that

were most definitely not being made by the people in the room above us.


Although Livv and a few others in the library were wishing for

it, thankfully nothing decided to open the doors to the library

and not long after hearing the footsteps we decided to call it

quits and everyone regrouped back downstairs in the kitchen



The Basement


My reprieve from the ghosts was short lived

as it was then time to make our way down into the cold, dark, unfinished

basement complete with spiderwebs and snake skins hanging

from the ceiling.


We all stood together in the well room while Livv asked

the spirits to make themselves known to us.


Well, almost all of us. One of the people in our group

VOLUNTEERED to go and stand by himself at the other

end of the basement. Yeah…volunteered. To stand

100% by himself in the creepy a** unfinished basement

where the crooked neck lady likes to hang out. I think that

man needs help. lol However, I will say that once we were

done with our session he was pretty happy to rejoin the

group after what he experienced. He regaled us with tales

of voices and footsteps and said he definitely did

not feel alone or welcome where

he was at. No thank you to all that.


I think this is the corner of the basement he went to go stand in.
And here is a drawing of the crooked neck lady. Story goes that this house used to once have a daycare down here in the basement (I don’t know who in their right mind would ever leave their child here…) and the kids would talk about how they kept seeing the crooked neck lady. This drawing on the cabinet door was actually done by one of the kids themselves. Looks exactly like something I want to stay the heck away from. Hard pass.

Our group on the other hand had our own experiences. We

all heard footsteps in different areas of the basement, but

the most prominent for us were a set of footsteps on the wooden staircase

right outside the room. I kid you not it sounded like someone

was coming down the stairs from the kitchen, came around

the bend in the staircase, saw all the people and just froze.

Every now again we would hear one of the steps toward the bottom

creak as if someone was still standing there watching us and

waiting for us to leave. Then, they apparently gave up and

we heard the steps retreat back


The only other thing I personally experienced while I was

down there happened right as we were getting ready to

go upstairs. People were talking and I swear to you

I heard clear as day a man yell. I have no idea what he

said, but he was yelling something at someone. I stopped

dead where I was and I turned looking around the room

when I saw Livv had stopped as well. She said “Did anyone

else hear that?” and I was like “Umm I did.” She asked me

what I thought I heard and I said it sounded like a man yelling.

She confirmed that is what she heard as well. At least I’m

not going crazy and hearing things….this time. lol Oh was

I ready to get out of that basement. lol


We had two more sessions together as a group where we

tried out scrying by sending someone into the basement alone

with a spirit box to see if the spirits would tell them the answers

to questions we asked upstairs. Unfortunately we didn’t have

much luck there so then it was time for us to make our way

outside to check out the huge yard and look toward the star studded night sky (there

had been a LOT of UFO activity reported in the area recently). Going

outside also allowed us all to get a closer look at the stone retention

wall where there are said to be 7 soldiers buried inside.

The Story of the Wall

Back in the day the land

this house sits on was involved in many battles including one that was bloodier

than Gettysburg. While the Perron family was living here

one of the daughters mentioned how the spirits told her there

were 7 soldiers buried in the walls. Since the walls of the house

are too thin to hold bodies it is believed the spirit meant the

soldiers are buried in this stone wall out back. This honestly

isn’t a very hard notion to get behind as there have already

been multiple bodies found in the yard itself. You can find the

bodies by looking for these little green flags.


On Our Own


After our time outside in the absolute freezing cold

darkness, we went back inside where Livv and Brittany

let us all run wild. We checked out whatever equipment

we wanted and then chose different areas of the house to

conduct our own sessions in. As I mentioned I joined Sam’s

group that she came to the house with and we ventured all throughout

the house from the basement to the bedrooms to the library.

We checked out this tablet which had an app that used frequencies

the ghosts could manipulate and use to speak to us. For

our sessions we had one person put the headphones on and relay the responses

while everyone else asked questions.

After having the headphones on myself at one point I can

attest that you can’t hear anything everyone else in the room

is saying so you wouldn’t be able to craft responses to the questions yourself.


Heads up before listening to this audio…the F-word is

said in it. This is from one of our basement sessions.



This one is from our time in the library:


These final audio recordings are my favorite from the

entire night. I feel like these are the ones that document best

the conversations we had with the spirits including one

where a spirit addressed both Sam and I directly.


I believe at the end of this audio you will hear Sam ask if the spirit knows the name of the girl holding the flashlight. I was the one holding the flashlight so I was nervous laughing after she asked and apparently the spirit saw this because the response was dead on.


We stopped doing our sessions around 5am and sat at the

dining table with Livv and Brittany and some of the other

people in the group. I was sitting facing a window and thought

that my experiences were over for the night, however, as I was

looking out the window I saw a woman pass by. A woman in white.

A woman in white who has said to be seen on the property. *shudders*

I just decided to close my eyes after that. lol


We sat at the table talking until about 7am when the sun began

to cast it’s glow on the house and then I walked out to my

car with Sam and her mom. I have to admit that in those early

morning hours with the sun just barely peaking over the ridge and

the grass wet with dew the house itself looked almost peaceful.

I stared at it as I left almost forgetting all I had experienced the night

before. It was as though I could see it as just the Old Arnold estate

(the real name of the house) and not the Conjuring house made

famous for it’s spiritual activity.


Since getting back from my trip I haven’t noticed any

changes in my personality or strange things happening

in my home so I think it is safe to say I am not possessed and

I left all inhabitants of the Conjuring house at the old

clapboard farmhouse on Round Top Road.



Would you do a ghost hunt at the Conjuring House?




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