Christmas House Tour 2021

Last year I wanted a white Christmas theme for the

house. However this year I really leaned more into that

rustic Christmas look with hints of silver and red. Hope you enjoy!



Front Porch/Front Yard

I picked up the reindeer at Walmart a couple years ago and

the Santa inflatable at Walmart last year. I of course had to

go with the fishing Santa because that’s one of my favorite

things to do! Although I don’t think I’m ever gonna go fishing

with Santa…he clearly catches all the big ones!


Fishing Santa



I know it looks kind of weird now, but wait till it gets dark!

This white sheet on the window is going to have a video of

Santa projected onto it!


These chairs and side table I picked up at Target last spring

and I just decorated them with some outdoor pillows from

Walmart and a little concrete snowman. 


In the corner of the porch is a little Christmas tree and

a little wooden snowman from Walmart.


I am loving my front door setup. On either side of the door

are light up 3.5 foot trees from Walmart, I have a Christmas

mat from Walmart in the middle, garland all around the

door, and a flocked wreath also from Walmart.




Here is the front yard at night!


Living Room

The tree! As I am typing this it is still standing fully upright! No tip overs by the kittens! (Knock on wood! lol) However that is not for a lack of trying….


I picked up this sign at Dillards last year during a huuuuge

sale and I LOVE it. It is perfect for my 25 Days

of Christmas movie marathon. 


I’m not typically a fan of gnomes, but this one was

too cute for me to pass up last year. 


Every year my mantle changes and this year I went with

some flocked garland with fairy lights wrapped around it, a

white reindeer, a Santa with his sled from At

Home, and a Christmas sign. 


I picked up this egg chair from Walmart a couple years ago

and since getting the kittens it has become their favorite

chair which also meant I couldn’t put fairy lights on it like I

have in the past. Instead I decorated it with a

Christmas blanket and pillow. They LOVE sleeping on it even more now!


Egg Chair


For the couch I put on some Christmas pillows from Walmart

and At Home and a nice, big, cozy blanket. 


On the side table I have a new set of Christmas

coasters from Walmart. 




On my entry way table I brought my record player back out

along with some faux poinsettias and some Christmas signs

from Marshalls and Target. On the bottom of the table

is another cozy Christmas blanket.


Next to my entryway table I have this “Welcome” shovel

from Walmart and a snowman from Target.



And here it is at night! Coziest place in the house! 

Looks like there is a cute little present under the tree already! 😉
Gotta love my broken blind…thank you babies 🙄 lol




This has become Granger’s rug. lol

I kept the area around the sink simple with a Christmas

soap dispenser, a buffalo plaid drying mat, a snowflake

rug, and some garland around the window. 


This little rustic bucket I picked up at Walmart last year.


My kitchen wouldn’t be complete without my hot chocolate

bar full of some of my favorite Christmas mugs

and my hedgehog cookie jar.


Isn’t he just adorable?! 


On the other side of the kitchen we have the oven. 


On top of the oven I have two homemade Christmas

signs and my Christmas countdown sign.


Next to the oven I have a lantern and a red truck filled

with Christmas trees and a little ceramic house from Target.


Here it is at night! 


Dining Table

I really love how my dining table turned out this year. 


The centerpiece on the table is a homemade wooden box

filled with pinecones and faux branches as well as

some candles from Hobby Lobby. 


The plates and glasses are from Dollar Tree, the chargers

are from Target, and the placemats are from Walmart.




Since the cats have taken over my other bathroom I decided

to only decorate one this year, but I’m pretty happy

with how it turned out!



Lights out!



This is my favorite tree in the whole house. It is my little

travel tree! It holds all the ornaments from different places

I have been. I think it might be time to get a bigger tree. 😉


Next to the bed I have another little birdie from Target

(I stinkin’ LOVE these holiday birds!) as well as my Bible.

I am doing this Christmas tradition that I saw on Simply Small Town

Counselor’s Instagram story where you read a chapter from the

book of Luke every night and by the time you reach Christmas you

will have read all about Jesus and his life! Great way to remember

the reason for the season! 


Here is the tradition:


And here is Alli’s Instagram: @simplysmalltowncounselor


For my bed I just have some red buffalo plaid sheets, a

black comforter, and a red buffalo plaid sherpa blanket.



Look at how cute it is! 😍



And that is my house tour! Have you

decorated for Christmas yet?

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