Gift Guide for the Type A Person



Do you know someone who maybe takes organizing a

little too far? Or someone who treats everyday like a

competition to try and do the most and be the best? Sounds

like you just might know a type A person and I guarantee

you will find something great for them in this gift guide!




Type A people love to write things out, track everything, and

plan so a couple new notebooks will be greatly

appreciated and put to good use!


Moleskin Notebooks

Walmart 8×10 Notebook

Target Notebook


Penmate Flair pens

Type A people love to write and having different colored

pens really makes the experience of writing lists and

events in a calendar so much more fun! These pens from

Penmate are my favorite that I use ALL THE TIME.


Penmate Flair Pens


To-Do List pads/list pads

Type A people are ALLL about lists. To-Do lists, grocery

lists, future goals, accomplishments, etc, etc, etc. 


To-Do List



The end of the year is almost here which means it is time

for a new planner! I don’t know a single type

A person that doesn’t have one!


The Happy Planner

Etsy Planner


Along with the planner you could include some washi

tape and stickers they can use to make it look

extra pretty and organized inside. 


Washi Tape

Planner Stickers


Drawer Organizers

These were “TikTok made me buy it” products (see full article here)

and I absolutely love them. They keep my silverware drawer

and kitchen knives nice and organized without

taking up the whole drawer. 


Knife Organizer

Silverware Organizer


Spice Jars and Stickers

Every time I see videos with all the spices in clear containers

and pretty labels on them my heart starts racing because

I freakin LOVE how it looks. It is so satisfying to have all

your spices in matching containers and I guarantee the

type A person in your life will love them especially if they love to cook!


Spice Jars 


Home Edit Labels


Fridge containers

There aren’t many things in life that are more satisfying than

an organized fridge. These clear acrylic fridge containers will

help your type A person keep their fridge looking pretty

and organized. I absolutely love mine!




OXO Containers

You can NEVER go wrong with gifting OXO containers.



OXO Container Set


Cute Office Supplies

I see a Type A person as someone who enjoys doing office

work or has a lot of office work to do on the daily. Help them

make it more fun to file and organize by giving them

some cute office supplies to use!



File Folders



Label Maker

You know your type A person loves to label any and everything

so why not get them a nice new label maker for Christmas?

I have the Brother P-touch and love it. 


Brother Label Maker



A laminator would allow your type A person to create sturdier

homemade labels and even their own dry erase lists! 


Scotch Laminator


Acrylic Drawers

These are 1000% on my Amazon wish list. They would be

great for the type A person that is wanting to organize

different areas of their house such as underneath the sink!


Amazon Acrylic Drawer Set


Waterproof Notebook

Honestly this would be a great gift for anyone not just the

type A person in your life because seriously who doesn’t

always do their best thinking in the shower?!


Aqua Notes Notebook


Fun fact regarding waterproof notebooks: this was something

my mom wanted to make and patent! She was always

thinking of things in the shower and then forgetting them

when she got out and she was bound and determined to create

a notebook you could keep and use in there. Unfortunately

someone had already beaten her to the punch, but that just goes

to show that it was a pretty good idea and one people would use!


A Coloring Book

Type A people tend to be busy little beavers so why not

help them destress a little by gifting them a coloring book

where they can put their detail oriented talents to good use. 


Amazing Patterns Coloring Book

Bloody Alphabet: The Scariest Serial Killers Coloring Book – For the true crime obsessed


You could even throw in some colored pencils for

them to use in their coloring book!

Prismacolor Colored Pencils


Smart Watch

I received one of these as a Christmas present last year

and I cannot go a day without wearing it. It helps keep me

on top of messages, keeps me informed of the time and

date, my health, and so much more. Your type A

person (or anyone really) would love it.


Samsung Galaxy Watch

Apple Watch


You can also get them some covers to go on top

of their watch to protect their screen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Covers




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