Gift Guide for the Influencer



Do you know someone who has a blog, a small

business, or is just trying to get all the clout on Instagram? Well

look no further cause you will find some great gifts for them in this guide!



Tripod with bluetooth remote

Taking photos is a huge part of being an influencer and

you can’t always rely on someone else to take photos for

you and using a timer can be frustrating. A tripod with a remote

can help your influencer’s photoshoots go much smoother.


Amazon Basics Tripod



Lighting is suuuper important when it comes to creating

good quality photos and videos. Any of these following items

would be great gifts to help your influencer get that perfect lighting.


Ring Light

UBeesize Ring Light


Studio Lights

Limostudio Light Kit


Aputure Block Light 

Image from Amazon

Block Light 


Sunset Lamp (This would be a more unique type of light

for your influencer to play around with.)

Image from

Aura Glow (This is the one I saw on TikTok)


Canon G7X camera

This is the perfect camera for someone who wants to get

into vlogging or YouTube. I really like how it has a flip up screen

so you can see what you are recording.


Canon G7X


Rode Microphone

Image from Amazon

The camera is kind of an obvious gift, but one that might

not be so obvious is a Rode microphone.

This would be a great gift for a vlogger to help get

great sound quality.




Preset Pack (Also a great gift for a teen girl)

Pura Vida Preset Collection (Set of 5) 1
Image from Pura Vida

When you post photos to your feed you want them to look

aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. To do this a lot of

influencers use preset editing packs on their photos which can

be kind of pricey. This would be a more unique thing to

gift your influencer that they will love. 


Sweater Weather Lightroom Preset

Pura Vida Preset Collection


Influencers take a TON of photos and videos and I guarantee

their laptops and phones don’t have space to hold them all

so while these might not be the most fun ideas, they will get used a LOT. 


External Hard Drive

Seagate External Hard Drive


SD Cards

Micro SD card for their phone is a great idea as well!

SD Cards



Does your influencer have a blog, small business, or

a brand? Create merch for them to wear and use! Maybe a t-shirt

or a sign with their logo on it! Great personalized gift they will cherish.



Image from Amazon

It’s not uncommon for an influencer to pack up and create

content somewhere outside of their home. A backpack will

help them transport everything they need.


Pura Vida Backpack

Amazon Backpack



With content creation comes content scheduling. Planning

when to make videos or take photos, when to edit, when

to post and more! I use my planner every single

day and would be lost without it.




Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are so big again and because it is trendy

you better believe an influencer is going to want it. Lol I

have one myself and I think it is a fun new way to take pictures.

I actually love my polaroid photos more than some of the

photos that I have taken on my phone because they are just

so wholesome. There’s no filters, they are just all about the moment.


Instax Polaroid Camera 


If your influencer already has a Polaroid camera you could

gift them extra film or even a disposable camera!


Polaroid Film

Disposable Camera


(These would be great gifts for a teen girl as well!)


Photo Printer

Image from Amazon

This photo printer allows your influencers to print off any

photo from their phone instantly. It will make decorating their

space with their photos easier. This would also

be a great gift for a mom!


KODAK Photo Printer


Blue Light Glasses

As an influencer you spend a lot of time in front of a screen

which is certainly not the best for your eyes. Get them a

pair of blue light glasses to help them keep their eyesight

in check and even help them avoid headaches!


Amazon Blue Light Glasses


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