My Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast



Thanksgiving is such an underrated holiday in my not so

humble opinion and the fact that it gets skipped over for

Christmas really makes me feel sad for the holiday. I mean, come

on man, the food alone makes it a holiday deserving of a whole

month to celebrate! Speaking of food, below is my version of the

ultimate Thanksgiving feast. These are the foods I load up on at

every Thanksgiving dinner so I hope you enjoy reading about

what I consider to be the ultimate Thanksgiving feast!



I have never been a huge fan of turkey so on Thanksgiving

you won’t see a single gobbling piece of turkey on my plate!

Instead my meat of choice will always be the delicious ham.


Here is a great ham recipe!


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (Brown)

I love potatoes in any form with all of my heart. I’m a real

pota-hoe if you will. (That joke will never get old to me! lol)

But seriously this is a traditional side dish that I will eat by

the gallon and one I require to be at every single

one of my Thanksgivings.


These mashed potatoes are amazing!


Mac and Cheese

This is hands down, without a doubt, my all time favorite

Thanksgiving, actually no. This is my all time favorite side

dish/meal. I definitely have to stop myself from filling my entire

plate with solely mac and cheese every Thanksgiving for sure. 


This mac and cheese recipe makes the best

mac and cheese I have ever had.



This simple, no fluff, classic vegetable is one I will take

over green bean casserole any day. Sorry not sorry. Give me

creamed corn, corn in the cob, or even just corn from

the can and I will be a happy camper.


Green Bean Casserole

Just because I prefer corn doesn’t mean that I won’t eat any

green bean casserole! I usually will have this on my plate

as well minus the onion on the top. lol


Roliche (pronounced roll-icky)

Photo cred: OK Bread Company (This is where we get our roliche from every Thanksgiving!)


If you are of the Czech or Bohemian heritage then there is a

fairly good chance you know exactly what a roliche is. And

if you are not, well, find someone who is because I guarantee

once you try one of these amazing little dough crescents you will

never buy those packaged Hawaiian rolls again. 


They are a real hit!


I warned them not to put me so close to the roliche on our 5 hour drive. Lol



My favorite dessert of all time is hands down pie. Give me cherry, give me apple, give me peach, give me…CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE. I seriously could eat pie everyday and not get tired of it. It is the ultimate dessert.


What is your ultimate Thanksgiving dinner? Let me

know in the comments!



Also side note…if I don’t see these trays at Thanksgiving dinner

just know Imma be disappointed. Lol 

Photo from Facebook.




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