The Haunted Emily’s Bridge in Stowe, Vermont

There are a ton of covered bridges in the north eastern

United States. However, maybe none quite as infamous

as the Gold Brook Covered Bridge, more commonly

known as Emily’s Bridge, in Stowe, Vermont. 




Located on Covered Bridge Rd in Stowe this bridge was

built in 1844 over the Gold Brook, stands only about 50

feet long, and, even though weather hasn’t been all that nice

to the bridge, many of the beams you see in the bridge today are original. 



Now while those are some cool facts, they aren’t what makes

this bridge famous. This bridge is famous all because of a

woman named Emily. No one really knows who she was

or if she ever actually existed as there are no records of an Emily

in the area, but her story of heartbreak and lost love is ultimately

what brings people to this bridge. 



Back in the time of horse drawn wagons there was a young

woman, lovestruck and ready to run off with the man of her

dreams. They planned to meet at the bridge to elope

however, things didn’t go quite as planned. Emily arrived at the

bridge alone and waited for her lover to show up. She waited and

waited and waited, but he never came for her. He sent no note, no

message, he simply just did not show up. (What a piece of trash!) He left her alone and

broken-hearted and for Emily the pain was too much to bear. She

climbed up into the rafters, wrapped a noose around her neck, and took her own life.



Emily’s life might have ended that night, but her time on the

bridge has not. Many have had meetings with young Emily, but

she certainly doesn’t act in a way you would expect. Instead

of being sad she is vengeful attacking anyone who

dares to spend time on her bridge. People have reported long

scratches on their vehicles after crossing the bridge and some

have even been scratched on their bodies to the point of bleeding.

I mean like girl….I get it….that man done did you dirty, but why

do you gotta take it out on everyone else? Shouldn’t you be going

after the good for nothing jerk that left you there? Guess it’s

true what they say…hell hath no fury like a woman

scorned and ain’t no one safe. Lol 


So there’s the story of Emily. Now, it is time for mine. As you can

see from the pictures above I decided to check out Emily’s Bridge

during the day first. (I started trying to do this with all the

haunted locations I visit because you just get much better pictures

during the day. Who knew light would be so helpful with

pictures? Lol) The drive to the bridge and the area around it was

really pretty with some fall colors and if I didn’t know anything

about this bridge I definitely wouldn’t have thought it was

haunted. (When you arrive at the bridge there is a little parking

area on the east side you can park at.)


Gold Brook which flows under the bridge. 


When I arrived there was a family down by the water, but other

than that I had the bridge all to myself. I took pictures of the

outside and then it was time to go walk onto the bridge. I took

my time walking across it, stopping to take pictures and examine

the interior all while waiting for something to happen. Maybe a

feeling, a little tug, a scratch, but there was nothing. It just felt like

I was walking across a normal covered bridge. 



So after crossing the bridge twice

Proof I actually did walk across it. lol

I went off to do some other things in town and watched sunset near sunset rock. 


Once the sun was below the horizon and the sky began to darken

I headed back to Emily’s Bridge. When I got there I was so

relieved because…y’all….there were other people! Praise the Lord!

However, as the light continued to disappear from the sky my

fellow bridge buddies inched closer and closer to their respective

cars until doors were opened and I watched them drive away

over the bridge into the night. I was all alone at the haunted bridge.

The bridge where people said they have been scratched to

the point of bleeding. Yaaaay. 



I sat in my car for a little while waiting for the sky to darken just

a little more hoping to see someone else show up. I watched as

a car turned down the road, slammed on their brakes upon

seeing the bridge, and then quickly threw it in reverse and

drove away. *nervous laugh* Not long after seeing that I decided

I had waited long enough. I got out of my car, flashlight in hand, and

slowly inched my way towards the bridge. 


This is how dark the bridge was without any lights on it. 


I made it to the edge of the bridge, fully intending to walk out

onto it while filming for all y’all to see, BUT I couldn’t do it.

I’m sorry, I really am! As I am writing this now I wish I would

have done it, but ya girl chicken. I took one look into the dark

abyss and decided I wasn’t about to go walking out onto that!

I stood at the edge, shining my flashlight around, trying to build

the courage to do it and then eventually sprinted back into my

car and got the heck out of there. I did manage to get a video of

me driving over the bridge though! Lol 



Now of course after the bridge I decided to take a look at my

pictures from the evening and y’all…..I about spit out my water

when I saw this one. I circled what caught my attention so you

can find it….anyone else think this looks like a face? Like

someone hanging out up in the rafters? (oh…um…no pun intended lol)


Here is a photo I took earlier in the day from about the same location to compare.

I don’t personally see any boards that are lighter in color in that same area that would give off the appearance of the face. All look to be the same dark brown to me….


Y’all…..did I catch a ghost on film?! Lemme know in the comments what you think!



So that was my experience at Emily’s Bridge. Would you go to

this haunted bridge at night and test your luck with the ghost of Emily?


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