Haunted Salem – A Walking Tour

With its history it comes as no surprise that Salem is probably one of the

most haunted cities in the entire country. Honestly it would be harder to find

a place in Salem that wasn’t haunted. On my last road trip (which was

rightly titled “Spirited Away”) I visited Salem on Halloween (article here) and wasn’t going

to leave without doing at least one ghost tour so I took to the internet and booked

myself a tour to see some of the city’s most haunted locations. 


Finding a ghost tour in Salem is easy because there are sooo many of them.

However, I wanted to find the best and so that led me to the number one rated

ghost tour in Salem with Salem Ghosts, a US Ghost Adventures tour. 


Tour Info:

Ticket Price: $26

Length: ~1 hour (You can opt to do the extended tour for an additional $5 which

takes you to 4-6 additional locations adding 30-45 minutes to your tour.)



We met in front of Salem Five Savings Bank and were split up into groups

and given our tour guide for the evening. The tour guides were all dressed in

colonial garb which I thought was definitely a nice little touch although I can’t

imagine they were all too comfortable. Lol My tour guide for the night was Jarrod

and he did an absolutely amazing job. He really knew his stuff, was personable, and

was able to deliver all the stories and history in a very entertaining way. I definitely

recommend requesting him as your guide if you can! 


And here is Jarrod!

Disclaimer: Photo provided by Jarrod of US Ghost Adventures, http://www.usghostadventures.com/
(He also does ghost tours in Boston so you can catch him there as well!)

Disclaimer: Photo provided by Jarrod of US Ghost Adventures, http://www.usghostadventures.com/


After we were split into our groups and assigned our tour guide it was time

to hit the streets! Armed with a glow stick, Jarrod led us through the

insanely busy streets of Salem to the following sites:


Witch House: 310 Essex St.

Also known as the Jonathan Corwin house, this is the only house in Salem

today with direct ties to the Salem witch trials. This was the home of Judge

Jonathan Corwin, the man who oversaw the the pre-trial examinations of the

accused witches. Who or what haunts the house still remains a mystery however

there is no shortage of paranormal claims. Even the TV show Ghost Adventures

conducted an investigation here on season 4 episode 19.


You can visit the home and even tour the inside during the day.

Use this website here for ticketing information.


Joshua Ward House: 148 Washington St

This building was built in 1784 for wealthy sea merchant Joshua Ward and was

actually one of the first brick buildings in Salem! However, this piece of land

at 148 Washington Street has a darker history that dates back to the times

of the Salem witch trials when a house owned by Sheriff George Corwin stood

there. Sheriff Corwin had a bit of a reputation as a man who loved inflicting pain

and torture among others, at least so the stories say, and it is believed that this

property is haunted by him and his unfortunate victims. Today the property houses

the next haunted location…a hotel called The Merchant


The Merchant: 148 Washington St

Putting a hotel inside the Joshua Ward house was a bold move given both

the history and the ghosts said to haunt the building. However, if you

are feeling brave you can book a room! Just be careful as you might run into

the spirit of a woman in black or maybe even High Sheriff George “The Strangler ” Corwin

himself as he holds you down on your bed rendering you

unable to move. Definitely not a hotel for those that are easily scared. 


The Merchant website

Rooms start at $189/night


Turner Seafood Restaurant: 43 Church St

A place to go if you want seafood….and ghosts? Lol This restaurants

sits on top of the ground where Bridget Bishop’s apple orchard once sat.

Bridget, a strong independent woman of the times was accused and hanged

for supposed acts of witchcraft during the trials. If you are “lucky” you might

just see the ghost of Bridget in various places around the restaurant. 


Ropes Mansion: 318 Essex St

Known for its infamous scene in Hocus Pocus the Ropes Mansion has

more than rich adults in colonial garb partying on the inside. This mansion

is said to be haunted most prominently by Abigail Ropes whose dress

caught fire from the home’s fireplace leaving her gruesomely burned. She

later died from infection of her burns. Many report the smell of smoke and

burning human flesh and some have even reported seeing a full body

apparition of a woman on fire. You can visit the inside of the house on

tour during certain times of the year while the gardens in the back are free

to visit and open to the public year round.


Ropes Mansion website


Old Town Hall: 32 Derby Square

This town hall takes “dance until you die” to a whole new level as it

hosts many ghosts still looking to have a good time. This is another

Hocus Pocus filming location (full list of locations can be found here)

and the upper portion of the building serves as an event space. Many have

reported seeing full body apparitions of party crashers here.


Salem Witch Trials Memorial/Pickman House: 24 Liberty Street

The Salem witch trials were definitely one of many dark points in this country’s

history and this memorial serves as a reminder to us of all the innocent lives lost

by this hysteria as well as provides us with a place to pay our respects. With

their lives being cut short it probably comes as no surprise you may run

into some ghosts while visiting.  


Located behind the memorial is the Pickman house built by sailor Samuel

Pickman in 1665. There have been many deaths that have occurred at this

building however, perhaps none more violent than the murder suicide that

happened here in the 19th century. Today the house is said to be haunted most

consistently by the young girl whose life was taken as a result of that. Today

the house serves as a welcome center for visitors of the Charter Street

Cemetery (oldest cemetery in Salem) and I remember seeing people (living people)

walking in and out of the building while I was there.



The only thing I wished I would have been able to do on this tour was go

inside some of these haunted locations, but it was still a great tour and I

learned a lot! There really is something about standing outside these places

and hearing their stories that really makes for an unforgettable experience

so, if you ever find yourself in Salem, and want to do a ghost tour, book one

with Salem Ghosts and I guarantee you won’t regret it!




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