Hosting My First Friendsgiving

I have ALWAYS wanted to host a Friendsgiving and finally all of my

closest girlfriends were living near enough to me to actually make it

a reality! I was so excited and of course tried to make it the most

memorable Friendsgiving I could for everyone. 


Step one: Guest list and Invitations

The guest list part was easy for me with my four ride or dies, Kristin,

Abigail, Nicole, and Makenzie, making up the list. Picking the invitations,

well that was a whole different ball game. I couldn’t decide if I wanted

to do a TV themed Friendsgiving (Friends or New Girl), but eventually decided

to go with these that I created in Canva! They were simple and easy

to send out to everyone via text!



Step two: Decorations!

Decorating for Friendsgiving was so much fun. I took advantage of

the fall decorations I already had up in my home and then added in

a couple of small Friendsgiving specific ones including pictures of me

with my girls and a banner I made with burlap and black paint. 



For place settings I decided to forgo the name cards and let everyone choose

to sit wherever they wanted so. I used “fancy” fall paper plates and napkins

from Walmart (because who really wants to do dishes?!) and then

got these adorable Friendsgiving cups



Step three: Food!

I love to host and doing everything on my own is a personal challenge

I accept with open arms for every event I host. However, for this

one I decided to do something a little different. I asked each friend

to bring their favorite Thanksgiving side dish or dessert and then just

focused on doing the turkey (Oh and of course making everyone’s favorite mac

and cheese. Pretty sure each one of us had at least 3 or 4 helpings of it. lol Recipe here).

This potluck style made things a lot easier for me and it was also a great

way to learn something else about my friends! 


The food was served buffet style so everyone could dig in when

and however many times they wanted to. 


Turkey (Recipe here)
Stuffing, Gravy, and Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole, Mac and Cheese, and Rolls


Abigail was the chosen turkey carver!


Step four: Activities/Games!

For things to do I set out some of my favorite board games including

Mad Gab, Life Quarter Life Crisis, Botched Operation, etc. We ended up

playing Heads Up on my phone which was so much fun! 


Step five: Party favors!

With this being my first annual Friendsgiving, I wanted party favors

that people were going to want to keep and ones that would help everyone

remember this momentous event so when I found these Friendsgiving t-shirts on Etsy

I knew they were the way to go! I also threw in a clean Friendsgiving cup and

these cute little homemade m&m turkeys to “sweeten” the deal. 



The girls!

The real us.
It’s tradition. 

I had an absolute blast hosting this Friendsgiving and it was so great

to be able to see all of my best friends especially since this was taking

place right before they all were planning on moving away! Some out

of town, some out of state, and one out of the country! It definitely was

a bittersweet moment when it came time to say goodbye, but that is

another reason why this Friendsgiving will always be so special to me

and I will hold the memories close to my heart forever. Hopefully

we will get to do it again someday!


Do you attend or host a Friendsgiving every year? What do you do at yours?




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