Bangor, ME – A Horror Fan’s Stephen King Tour

Bangor? I hardly know her! Hahaha I’m sure the people of Bangor, ME

have never heard that one before. Sorry y’all I just couldn’t resist! Lol

Anyway all jokes aside I was very excited to visit Bangor, Maine because

this is the town of one of the kings (literally) of horror, Stephen King. 



Stephen King’s House – 47 W Broadway, Bangor, ME 0440


The first stop in Bangor was Stephen King’s mansion. This is actually the

private home of Stephen King and his family so unfortunately there are no

indoor tours, but you can respectfully admire the mansion from the street.

Now I really want spider gates put up outside of my home.



After the mansion we continued the Stephen King tour visiting more of

the top sites that inspired locations and characters in his novels.

(Mainly his novel IT. Bangor is actually said to be the real life Derry!)


(Possessed?) Paul Bunyan Statue – Bass Park 

Paul Bunyan statues like this can be found all across the country, however, this

one in Bangor has a bit of a dark story attached to it. Readers of King’s

book IT might recognize it as the Paul Bunyan statue that comes to life in

the novel. Luckily while I was there ole Paul stayed standing on top of his

pedestal, but I definitely kept a close eye on him! The 31 foot tall statue

(said to be both the tallest and most handsome of all the Bunyan statues)

can be found in Bass Park in Bangor.


IT storm drain – corner of Union and Jackson streets


Everyone knows that Pennywise loves to hang out in the storm drains

like a weirdo and this storm drain in Bangor is said to be his official

drain. If you have seen the movies you will know that it isn’t anything

like the more open drains they use, however, it was still cool to see

even though, as you can see above, I barely escaped Pennywise with

my life. Can you see the red “it” painted on the drain?


Thomas Hill Standpipe – 41 Thomas Hill Rd, Bangor, ME 04401


The Thomas Hill Standpipe was built in 1897, holds 1.75 million gallons

of water providing water storage and regulating water pressure for the

city of Bangor, and, oh yeah, is where Stanley from IT came face to

face with some drowned zombie children. I don’t believe the standpipe

was open when I was there so I wasn’t able to go inside so once

again I have escaped the clutches of Pennywise. 


Mount Hope Cemetery1048 State St, Bangor, ME 04401


This cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted places in the country

and it is where King used to come to sit and write. He would even

sometimes take inspiration from within the cemetery, most notably a

couple headstones with the names Georgie (Georgie from IT) and

Carrie (from Carrie) that led to names of main characters in his novels.

It also served as the filming location for the movie Pet Sematary! Driving

around this cemetery in fall was quite a beautiful drive and honestly it is hard

for me to believe this place is haunted. Sure it has some spooky aspects like

every other cemetery, but one thing I really noticed about it is it’s beauty.

Everywhere you look is a gorgeous view with trees and well maintained

grounds and headstones. I wouldn’t mind coming here to sit and read and write either!



Want more Stephen King and to hear more on these places and others? Book a tour with SK Tours of Maine! They offer a 3 hour tour that takes you to ALL the King sites in Bangor!

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