Nicole’s Halloween House Decor Tour – New House Edition!



This year will be a super special Halloween for me because it’s the

first time in a long time I’ll be living in a real house with the possibility

of actual trick or treaters! I quickly found out as I started decorating this

year that the decorations that worked well for our small old apartment just

didn’t cut it to fill our whole house with the level of spooky Halloween vibes

I needed. I purchased a few new things this year in anticipation of needing

lots of new decorations to fill my space, but for the most part I had to repurpose

and reuse what I already had. It’s a process!


First, enter our living room, which quite frankly needs some more throw

pillows, but is decorated with some Halloween blankets from Target and

Berkshire from years past and a serving tray and “Trick or Treat” pillow

from this year’s Target collection. Funny story, when buying this serving tray

I actually left it on the bottom rack of my shopping cart, put the cart back

in the corral in the parking lot, and drove away. I was out of the parking lot

before I realized what I’d done and quickly turned around–but

thankfully it was still there when I got back 🙂 




A few months ago while at my parent’s house I was flipping through my

mom’s Christmas catalog from The Lakeside Collection (they like to start

the Christmas season early, I guess) and saw this sign that says “It’s the most

wonderful time of the year” (but, like, Halloween) and fell in love with it. I

always thought The Lakeside Collection was kind of an old people catalog, but

call me grandma because I found several neat things in there this year, like this

battery-lit spider mantel cover. I picked up the set of ceramic books from Hobby

Lobby a few years ago and got the spooky house from Target as a new addition this

year. The garland is proudly a Dollar Tree item that has lasted for at least three

years now and was definitely worth the dollar.



And what Halloween would be complete without my three ugly cats. They’ve

been with me for three years now ever since I felt bad for them in the

Hobby Lobby and adopted them. They may not be attractive, but they’re

certainly festive. They’re living their Halloween on top of the mantel this year.


The next decorated area is my dining room, which only has five chairs

instead of six at the moment because one chair lost a leg before delivery.

But the room still has a sort of evil meeting ambiance that I like just because

of the color and style of the table. My dying plant also adds to the effect I

think. (Don’t worry, my plant is doing better now.) The little orange

trees, table runner, and 3-tier candy holder are from Target, and both

candle holders are from Bath and Body Works. 



I wrapped some black ghosty garland from the Dollar Tree and string

lights around the handrail on the stairway to create some ambient lighting on the staircase.



Finally, I put some large cutouts I had from the Dollar Tree in the front

windows and put my big ceramic pumpkin from Dillons Marketplace

out on the porch. I was hoping to get some bales of hay as well, but

maybe next year! Would you trick or treat here? I hope so.



I have to conclude this house tour with a discussion about my cat. As

every cat owner knows, sometimes cats have their own ideas about how

the house should be decorated, and they make adjustments

accordingly. Here are some of Tesla’s adjustments this year:


She wasn’t happy about having competition for her window spot.


She also likes to remind me that she should be the center of my attention and also my table.


And lastly, my favorite alteration. Tesla decided to play with the letters

in my Trick or Treat window cling, specifically an “E” and a “T”. I kept

replacing the letters after finding them on the floor, but eventually

I decided she could just keep the letters, so I rearranged the remaining

letters to just embrace “Trick or Rat” this year. 



Thank you for reading!




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