My Past Halloween Costumes



Halloween is my favorite holiday and I LOVE dressing up

for it especially now that I host a Halloween party every

year. In this article I have rounded up all of my past Halloween

costumes as well as some bonus cosplays that you won’t want to

miss out on. Scroll on down to see them!


The Grady Twins from The Shining

My very first year working at my job I made a friend that

loved Halloween as much as me (Nicole) and we decided we

were going to dress up and wear costumes to work.

With everyone in the plant calling us “twins” deciding to be

the Grady twins from The Shining seemed like an absolute

no brainer. I am not going to lie, wearing a costume to work

was extremely nerve-racking especially since I am a huge introvert who hates

to be the center of attention, but in the end I am glad I did it.

Although I have to admit I was suuuuper surprised that not very

many people have actually seen The Shining

(if you are one of those people PLEASE go and watch it ASAP)

so not many knew who we were dressed up as and I had one lady

tell me my makeup was really good cause it made me look

dead (even though it was how I did my makeup every single day), but

it was still fun. 



Hair Clip, Wig, Leggings, Shoes, Ribbon – Walmart


Daphne From Scooby Doo

Dressing up for Halloween at work year 2! Nicole and I’s

second “couples costume” was Daphne and Velma and this

was definitely a much bigger hit than The Grady twins the

year before. There are people that still talk about it! I was

much more confident this time around too and there were

a LOT of people coming up to us and complimenting our

costumes talking about how they watched Scooby Doo growing

up. Some even asked to take pictures with us or of us! We even

made it into the newsletter at work. We were like little celebrities! 


Daphne and Velma Costume Article here


Harley Quinn (My personal favorite costume! Definitely want to do this one again!)

This is hands down my favorite costume picture!

“So what if I’m crazy? The best people are.” I have

always wanted to be Harley Quinn and Halloween 2020 was

officially the time! I decided I wanted my Harley Quinn to be

based on the OG Harley so I went with the black and red color

scheme rather than the Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey versions.

It was absolutely FREEZING, but I really loved how it all

turned out. (Next time I am getting the full jumpsuit though! lol)

My friends dressed up as Poison Ivy (Nicole) and

Catwoman (Abigail) so we could have a superhero moment together. 


Harley Quinn Costume – Etsy store NerayArt

Jacket – Thrifted

Boots – Lifestride

Bat – Actual aluminum softball bat with black and red electrical tape





Cher from Clueless

“Ugh, as if!” One of the movies on my movie-fi-cation list

was Clueless and after watching the movie I determined

I needed to be Cher so I took to Amazon. I decided to do

the classic Cher look instead of her red dress outfit

(Although you had better believe that I am going to do

that one too sometime!) just because it was more well known.

The entire costume is one piece which I’m not a huge fan of, but

it was cheaper and easier than buying everything separately. 


Cher Costume

Shoes – Thrifted

Leggings – Walmart


Princess Leia from Star Wars

Another one of my movie-fi-cation movies was

Star Wars so of course I had to do a Princess Leia cosplay.

I will admit this wasn’t my best, but I was working with what

I already had at the house which included a white bedsheet

(went total toga party vibes lol) a big black belt, a brown wig, and

an actual toy Star Wars gun I picked up at a garage sale a few years back. #nerd


Flapper Girl

NYE 2020 my friend Kristin and I did something a little

out of our comfort zone and decided to go to a Gatsby

themed NYE party at the Crown Uptown Theatre in

Wichita, KS. Of course we couldn’t go without dressing

up for the event so we donned our best flapper girl

costumes and rang in the 20s with a bunch of strangers. Lol 


Flapper Dress


Faux Fur Wrap

Cigarette Holder




What have been some of your past costumes? Do you

already know what you are going to be for Halloween this year?




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