Taco’s Food Truck @ That One Place




Oh come on, you know, “That One Place.” The one where you

can go with your family and friends, have a guaranteed good time, and

eat some amazing Mexican food until you have to be rolled out of

there? Yeah “That One Place” in Marion, KS. Started by Josh “Taco” Tajchman

and his wife Alison, “That One Place” has become the go-to eating

spot in this small Kansas town. It boasts “Cali style tacos and chef

inspired favorites” that are sure to make your taste buds shout with joy

and your body do a happy food dance. 



The atmosphere here is not something you find everyday. Josh and Alison

have created a space where not only does everyone feel

welcome, but you feel like you are sitting on your back porch with

your friends. It’s laid back, it’s relaxing, it has big small town energy, and

it feels like home. They also have cornhole boards set up outside for

you to play and live music on certain nights for you to enjoy while

you eat. Last time I was there there was a one man band performing!

Pair all of this with the amazing food and you have a dining

experience you won’t soon forget.


Speaking of food…it is spot on. Perhaps not the most traditional

style of Mexican food, Taco’s take is a more unique upscale version

that you simply do not want to miss out on. There honestly isn’t a

bad thing on the menu and everything always comes out perfect.

They are also constantly creating new tacos and dishes to add to

their menu so nothing ever gets boring and you are sure to find

something new to try and fall in love with.


Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Tacos. Citrus Slaw, Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Pickled White Onions, and Cotija Cheese


I personally love their homemade chips and I can put away some

of their nachos man. (Literally my favorite nachos to date!)


Oh and if you haven’t already guessed, another great thing about

this restaurant is the owners themselves. You will see them working

and serving right along with their hired help and they are great people

who actually take the time to talk with and get to know their customers.

They really show you how much your support means to them, they give back

to their community, and they are definitely a huge reason why myself

and everyone that stops in wants to come back again and again and again. 


Josh and Alison 


So I highly highly recommend y’all check out Taco’s Food Truck

whether that is at “That One Place” or at an event (they do still travel

around in their food truck so you may see them at different

festivals/celebrations such as the upcoming Art in the Park in Marion).

I promise your taste buds will thank you.


Where can you find them? 

Address: 1018 E. Main Marion, KS 66861

Facebook Page


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