Amy’s Movie-Fi-Cation Part 7



For this week’s movie-fi-cation we apparently were focusing on the

classics. The well known movies. The ones with lines and outfits we

know even if we haven’t seen the movie. Now, even though they were some of

the most well known movies, not all of them came back as “must see

before you die movies.” Scroll on down to read my thoughts!



A Beautiful Mind (2001)


I have to admit, this movie really had me going for a while (I really didn’t

see the big twist coming!) and it messed with my mind similarly

to Inception (just not on such a high level). Even though this

movie is quite long, it didn’t feel like it when I was watching with

the action and suspense keeping me engaged the entire time. I

honestly didn’t know what was going to come next and I liked that.

I wouldn’t say this is a movie everyone needs to see before

they die, but it is a good one to watch.


JAWS (1975)


Sharks are my favorite ocean animals and Jaws is the ultimate shark

movie. For it’s time I can see how this movie could be scary for

viewers as the special effects were groundbreaking. Watching it

today they are not nearly as impressive, but I still really enjoy the story

even if it does kind of paint sharks in a bad light. 


Scarface (1983)


“Say hello to my little friend.” 

Okay actually this movie is in no way my “little friend” and I would

have loved to have blasted it away. Lol This is not a movie I would

have been able to sit and watch without also doing something

else. I feel like if I hadn’t been partially distracted I would have

found it boring and would have fallen asleep. It was a slow and

LONG movie. Now on a positive note, the action scenes in it were

good and a few of the twists were certainly unexpected and made for

a good movie. However, I certainly didn’t think it needed to be almost

3 hours long and I also don’t think it is a must see before you die movie. 


The Goonies (1985)


This adventure movie is a family classic great for all ages. The plot

of this movie is super fun, the special effects still hold up well

today, the acting feels natural, there are so many quotable

moments, and the characters are ones you can’t help but fall in

love with. Easily a movie everyone needs to see before they die. 


Clueless (1995)


“Ugh, as if!”

Okay I seriously NEED the closet dresser app Cher uses at the start

of the movie. Like NOW. MTV cribs can you tell me where she got

that? Oh and I also really want her jeep. Actually can I please just

BE Cher? Lol This was my first time watching Clueless so I went into

it without any of the nostalgia I feel most people watch it with and

I still actually really enjoyed this movie. Was it a cinematic

masterpiece? No, definitely not, but it was fun. 




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