TikTok Made Me Buy It: Amazon Jewelry



TikTok turned me on to a whole new section of Amazon, jewelry.

(I swear I am not ever going to have to leave my house again because

of Amazon. Lol) Since then I have been buying jewelry left and right

even though I most definitely do not need to. My favorite thing

about all of the pieces in this article is that they are all simple pieces

that can be worn with any outfit and don’t require a lot of styling time.

Perfect to throw on when your outfit needs a little extra something, but

you don’t have the extra time. Hope you enjoy!



AoedeJ 925 Sterling Silver

Stackable Initial Letter Rings

Capital Letter Ring Charm Initial

Band for Women

Ordered in a size 6

Okay seriously…how cute is this initial ring?! It is so dainty

and I just absolutely love it. It makes a statement without

having to be the size of my entire finger and the silver color

makes it easy to pair with any outfit. This ring is also good quality.

Even though it is small and affordable it doesn’t feel like the band

is going to snap in two or the letter will come off (I have definitely

gotten it caught on enough to tell you that that letter is not going

anywhere! lol) and it doesn’t leave any green marks on your finger.

(I think this could also make a cute little promise ring if you

got the initial of your partner.)



(You can find the link to my jumpsuit and more great Walmart pieces here.)


TOOPNK Initial Ring Gold Silver

Letter Rings for Women Chunky

Adjustable Ring Bold Alphabet Rings

Going from small and dainty to “hey look at me” faster than Usain

Bolt can run. Lol This initial ring definitely lets you know who’s

boss (I had a couple people ask me if I was planning to punch anyone

while wearing it. lol). This ring comes with an adjustable band

(although I have to admit that it is a little difficult open

and close) and so far I haven’t noticed the gold color starting to fade away. 



Safety Pin Earrings for Women

| Paper Clip Earrings, Dangle

Earrings For Women | Hypoallergenic

14k Gold Earrings | Gold Plated

Hoop Earrings, Safety Pin Jewelry,

Paperclip Earrings

Even before I got my ears pierced I really liked the look of

safety pins as earrings. I thought it was such a unique thing and

kind of rebellious and I wanted IN. Fast forward a few years later

to after the re-piercing of my ears and a TikTok video and y’all

I am finally a part of the cool kids club. SCORE! Haha! These

earrings are trendy, cute, and have a slight edge to them and I

really think they make a great addition to an outfit. 



U7 Monogram Necklace A-Z 26

Letters Pendants 18K Gold/Platinum

Plated Square Tiny Initial

Necklaces for Women Girls,Chain 18″,

with Customize Service, Gift Box Packed

The final monogram piece in this article (I promise!) is this gold

initial necklace. I freakin’ LOVE it. It is so versatile in the way that it

can be worn with so many different styles of outfits and outfit

pieces and the different designs surrounding the “A” really

keep it from being just another plain necklace. 



PAVOI 14K Gold Colored Lightweight

Chunky Open Hoops | Gold Hoop

Earrings for Women

Ordered in size 50mm

I initially wanted a nice small pair of gold hoops and, well, ya girl

messed up and ordered the wrong size. However, I have to admit, I am

not that mad about it. Although these earrings are definitely

bigger, more noticeable than I was anticipating, and a little heavier

than what my newly pierced ears were used to at the time, I have

to say that I really like these earrings. They are simple and easy

to pair with outfits and I like how they stand out. Just don’t expect

to see me turn my head too quickly because like I said these are not

necessarily the lightest pair of earrings. Lol 





Sterling Silver Faux Clip-On Nose

Ring 20g – No Piercing Needed

I have been thinking about getting my nose pierced for a

LONNNNNNG time so when my friend Abigail purchased this fake

nose ring from Amazon, well, I had to buy one too just to see what

I thought. Y’all I have had this nose ring for over a year now and

still can’t decide what I want to do, but I do really love the way

that it looks. I will admit that after a while it does start to make my

nose hurt a little bit, but it’s really not a terrible pain and just

more of a slight (yet constant) pinch. 


(What do y’all think? Should I just go ahead and get it pierced?) 



Turandoss Dainty Layered Choker

Necklace, Handmade 14K

Gold Plated Y Pendant Necklace

Multilayer Bar Disc Necklace

Adjustable Layering Choker Necklaces

for Women

I LOVE the look of layered necklaces and that love actually

led to this lovely little impulse buy. I feel so stylish wearing it and

I actually really like how each of the necklaces came separately so

you can pick and choose which ones you want to wear and

even pair them with other necklaces. 




What jewelry have you bought from Amazon?  




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