Amy Jean’s Kitchen: Strudel (Binging with Babish)



I had a guest chef help me cook the dessert in this article and

boy did we choose a pretty ambitious recipe to recreate.

However, lucky for me my guest chef is truly deserving of the

title “chef” as he already knows his way around the kitchen

waaaaay better than I do creating amazing meals left and

right all without much assistance from a recipe (seriously

how do you people cook without recipes?! lol). 

Scroll on down to see what we made!



Strudel (from Inglorious Basterds) – Binging with Babish

Neither one of us had ever made strudel before, but my guest

was very excited to give it a go. I on the other hand was

procrastinating this daunting endeavor, particularly the part

where we had to stretch out the dough to be paper thin. I was

sooo worried about tearing it (which we did lol).

In the end this

strudel didn’t turn out perfect. We didn’t have as many layers as

I would have liked and the layers we did have, aside from the top

and the bottom, weren’t all that flaky (thinner dough and more

butter was definitely what we were missing), but the flavor was

still good and in the end our strudel was “not so terrible” lol. However, do

be sure to “wait for the cream” because the addition of the whipped

cream really kicked this up a notch. 





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