Amy’s Walmart Haul



Walmart has roped me in yet again with some adorable

fashion pieces for summer. I swear I really need to start

wearing blinders anytime I walk past the clothing section…or

just avoid it entirely. I hardly ever walk out of Walmart

anymore without at least one new piece of clothing or

accessory in my cart. Oh my poor, poor wallet. Lol

Hope you enjoy this haul!



No Boundaries Juniors’ Tie Front Jumpsuit

Wearing size XS

I have recently “jumped” on the jumpsuit bandwagon and when I

saw this one at Walmart I didn’t even hesitate to add it to my cart.

The colors are perfect for spring/summer and the design of it is

adorable. The tie in the front really adds a nice little feature and

the back of the jumpsuit is super cute with it’s peep hole design.

AND, most importantly, it is insanely comfortable. Not only will

you feel cute, but you will also be taking on the world in comfort.

Oh and this jumpsuit is under $20! Run to your nearest Walmart now! Lol 


Jumpsuit Link

Wedges – From Target (Not sure they sell this style anymore.)


No Boundaries Juniors’ Tie Front Tank Tops

Wearing size XS

4th of July will be here before you know it and this tie front

tank is the perfect top for those BBQs and fireworks shows!

I really love the ombre look and the tie in the front just adds

that little something something this tank needs to reach next

level cuteness. I paired it with my Haola high rise shorts from

Amazon and an adorable pair of Adidas dupes also from Walmart! 


I also bought this tank in this pink and yellow tie dye pattern. Again size XS.

Tank Link

Shorts Link

Sunglasses Link (Probably my new favorite pair!)


TT Boho Paisley Kimono

Wearing size S-M

I LOVE this kimono. (Seriously Walmart’s kimono game is so

strong. I picked up these two beautiful lace ones last year and now

this one. Obsessed.) Ironically enough I had been searching

for a red and white kimono like this one in order to recreate a

Pinterest outfit and walking through Walmart I saw

this out of the corner of my eye. It was kismet! 


Kimono Link


Time and Tru Women’s Classic Court Sneaker

Size 7.5

I somehow got lost in Walmart and found myself walking down

the shoe aisle and then somehow this pair of sneakers ended

up in my cart. Really just so hard to say how all of that happened.

Lol BUT in my defense I was wanting to get a pair of white

sneakers for work sooo technically it was a justified purchase

(ignoring the fact I could have just gotten a pair for free from work. Lol

They wouldn’t have been as cute though!) The first time I saw

these I couldn’t get over how much they looked like the pair of

Adidas sneakers I have had my eye on for years now so seeing

as how these were under $15 and the Adidas ones were

almost $60 it was an easy choice for me. Definitely not

concerned with having name brand stuff here! Lol 


Shoes Link (Literally so comfortable. Love these shoes!)


Gold Tropical Theme Anklet Set

As I mentioned in my Pura Vida haul post (if you haven’t checked

that out yet…you should….and can use this link here to do so!)

I am turning into that 2000s anklet/toe ring girl. 21-ish years too

late, but hey it’s who I want to be. Lol I really loved this tropical

themed anklet set from Walmart and was actually surprised by

the quality. I mean we will see how long the faux gold color lasts, but

for now it looks great and is perfect for summer. (Fingers crossed

I find myself wearing these on a beach somewhere!)


Gold Palm Tree Hoop Earrings

Not just gold hoops, but gold hoops with palm trees. Count me in!

I really love the tropical vibe of these earrings and for as big as

they are they don’t feel too heavy for my ears. I mean they are not light

by any means, but I feel like I would be able to wear them for a

full day without much complaint from the lobes. 


Teardrop Earrings and Studs

Next up in the haul are these adorable teardrop hoop earrings.

I really like the studded design on these because I think it adds

a nice little flair and they are definitely lightweight. One thing

I noticed with these is that they seem to have a tendency to fall

out fairly easily so keep an eye on those ears while wearing them.

I bought them in both the adorable multicolor and black. 


These black and pink studs came with the teardrop earrings above.

Out of all the earrings in this haul I would say these are

definitely the pairs that look the cheapest, but I will still probably

get some good wear out of them. Just no one look

too closely at my ears when I do! Lol 


Tropical Themed Gold Studs

Apparently my summer theme for this year is tropical. (Perhaps a bit

of manifesting is happening there. Lol) These gold studs are the

perfect summer vibes and a great addition to any summer outfit.


What have you been loving from Walmart lately? 




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