TikTok Made Me Buy It: Home Edition 




I am always on the hunt for new things to make my life at home

a little easier and TikTok has definitely delivered!

Scroll on down to check them out!



Space Saving 5 Tier Metal Skirt

Hanger with Clips (3 Pack)

Hang 5-on-1, Gain 70% More

Space, Rubber Coated Hanger

Clips, 360 Swivel Hook, Adjustable

Clips Pants Hanger, Hang Slack,


TikTok: @kaylargyle


My current closet situation is not exactly ideal for my

shopping addiction so finding space for all of my clothes

is currently a huge issue. When I saw this multi-hanger I figured

it just might be the answer to my space problems. They come in

a pack of three which means you can hang a total of 15 pieces

of clothing on them. It still wasn’t enough for all of my skirts, but

it definitely worked for the vast majority of them. They seem to

be good quality hangers that won’t bend or break easily and

they have rubber pieces on the clips to help keep the metal

from digging into the clothes and ruining them. Highly recommend

these if you are like me and have more clothes than space. 




3 Pieces Clear Page Spreader

Acrylic Thumb Ring Page

Holder Transparent Thumb

Bookmark Book Page Holder

for Readers Book Lovers Present

Bookworm Students, 3 Sizes

TikTok: lifewithmrs.m


To be honest, the first time I saw these in the TikTok I thought

they were some type of self-defense weapon or little ninja stars. Lol

However, after I learned they were page holders I added them to

my Amazon cart immediately. (Although I would be lying if I said

I wasn’t considering purchasing them when I thought they were

ninja stars. I mean most of my closet is black clothing so I am

already halfway to being a ninja as it is. lol) One thing I

determined with these is that they are really only extremely

beneficial when you are reading a book with a lot of pages or

are over ¼ of the way through a book. You really need to

have a decent amount of pages on either side to see a difference. I

also really like how they are clear, that way if it happens to be

sitting over top of some words you can read them through the holder. I would say

these are not life changing, but have the potential to be helpful.



Tiktok: @lizwebber

Okay this tool is exactly what I was needing. I have always had

an issue with my shoe straps and belts not having holes that

allow them to go small enough so I would always try to make

new holes in the leather with scissors and/or needles

(try being the keyword there lol). I tested this leather hole

puncher for the first time on a pair of sandals and it was

the easiest thing ever. I was done with both shoe straps in

less than a minute and didn’t end up with any stab wounds.

Absolutely love this. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it

is hard to turn the wheel with all the hole punchers

on it, but otherwise it is perfect.



So may have punched the hole a little off center buuuut look at how perfect the hole is! 


3.3 fl oz Clarity Room

Spray – Casaluna

Tiktok: @parker_ewing

Not only does this room spray have very visually pleasing

packaging, but it also smells absolutely amazing and lasts. In

fact, I put it to the test against my normal Febreze room

spray I have always used and the aroma of this Casaluna spray

outlasted it by a good amount. Definitely recommend. 

Link (Found at Target!)


Avamie Car Coasters 4 Pack, Car

Cup Holder Coasters, Absorbent

Ceramic Stone Coasters for

Car, 2.56 inch, Modern Abstract

Design for Men and Women

TikTok: @kaelimaee

It is crazy how big of a difference adding these car coasters to

my car has made. It makes cleaning the car cup holders easier

and it also adds a cute little touch to the inside. I love them!




What household items have you bought because of TikTok?

Let me know in the comments!




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