Amy’s Pura Vida Haul Part 1



I have been wanting to make a purchase from Pura Vida for YEARS

and finally that dream of mine has come true! I went a little

easy with this first purchase since it was right before my vacation

and I didn’t want to spend all my trip money on this order, but I still

checked out my cart with some cute pieces (even though I was really

only in search of a mask lol). Hope you enjoy seeing what I got!



Chevron Toe Ring

Ignore my horribly chipped nail polish… *face palm*


I have always longed to be the toe ring and anklet girl. One of

my cousins always used to wear them and I thought she was

soo cool and since then I have always wanted some of my own.

While scrolling through the sale page on Pura Vida I ran across

this one and decided now was my time. I love it and I can’t wait to get more. 


Oval Open Ring

Ordered in a size 5


I know I won’t be a hand model anytime soon, but I really love

the way this ring looks. It’s a super simple ring, but it is a

great accessory to add to almost any outfit and I feel really

cool when wearing it (just something about big rings I guess Lol).  


Mini Coin Huggie Earrings


I saw these on the sale page and thought they were just too adorable to pass up! 

(They also come in silver if rose gold isn’t your color preference.)


Striped Face Mask

Taken on Palm Springs Aerial Tramway


Before I left on my vacation I wanted a cute mask to wear out

and about and when I found out Pura Vida sold masks I knew

I had to check them out. Of course they didn’t let me down with

this adorable striped mask. Not only is it cute, but it also is the

most comfortable mask I have worn. Highly recommend it!!



Have you ordered anything from Pura Vida? If so, what did you get?

Do you have a favorite purchase? Let me know in the comments!




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