May Prime Finds



With my vacation in April I wasn’t spending a whole lot of time

shopping on Amazon, but May definitely made up for all that

lost time! Lol This month’s prime finds feature a great assortment

of beauty products, a few fashion pieces, car accessories, and

more! Hope you enjoy it! What are some things

you have been loving from Amazon lately?



Hair Shampoo Brush, HEETA

Scalp Care Hair Brush with Soft

Silicone Scalp Massager (Green)

I use a lot of dry shampoo on my hair. (Truth be told I really only

wash my hair about once a week so dry shampoo is a life saver

and I go through it insanely fast!) However, using a lot of dry

shampoo usually means there is a lot of build-up in my hair

when it does come time to wash it so I’m hoping this scalp brush

will help break it up and get it out of my hair more effectively. 



Leather Hole Punch Set for

Belts, Watch Bands, Straps, Dog

Collars, Saddles, Shoes, Fabric, DIY

Home or Craft Projects. Super

Heavy Duty Rotary Puncher, Multi

Hole Sizes Maker Tool

One of my biggest issues when it comes to belts and shoe

straps is that the holes just don’t go small enough and I am

tired of trying to make new holes in the leather with scissors

and needles. Lol Hopefully this will save me a lot of

time, frustration, and stab wounds. Lol 



Vlando Miller Jewelry Tray

Stackable Showcase Display

Drawer Organizer Storage

Checkerboard,Multiple color

combinations, Large capacity

multi-layer design and Fashion(white)

As many of you know I just recently got my ears pierced

and since then I may or may not have been going a little

overboard with buying earrings. I was keeping the earrings

on the cardboard they all came on, but taking them off and

putting them back on was time consuming and just not ideal.

This organizing tray will hopefully make it easier for me to see

all my earrings and pick out the ones I want to wear

(and I am a sucker for a good organizing tray).



Avamie Car Coasters 4 Pack, Car

Cup Holder Coasters, Absorbent

Ceramic Stone Coasters for

Car, 2.56 inch, Modern Abstract

Design for Men and Women

To be honest I have never really considered getting coasters

for my car until I saw them on…say it with me….TIKTOK. Lol

They looked absolutely adorable in this girl’s car and so I went

to Amazon and bought my own. I think they really did add a

nice little touch to my car and I am glad I got them! (Hopefully

they make cleaning the cup holders easier as well! lol)



Docolor Eyeshadow Palette

54 Colors Gemstone Eye

Shadow Palette Highly

Pigmented Mattes Glitter

Shimmers Naked Smokey

Cream Powder Blendable Long

Lasting Waterproof Colorful Professional

Makeup Palette

Docolor Eyeshadow Palette 54 Colors Gemstone Eye Shadow Palette Highly Pigmented Mattes Glitter Shimmers Naked Smokey Cream Powder Blendable Long Lasting Waterproof Colorful Professional Makeup Palette

I am a huge Marvel fan so when I saw this set of eyeshadow

palettes inspired by the infinity stones I knew I had to add it to

my makeup collection. I was honestly really surprised by how

cheap it was to buy the entire set and the color

payoff of each palette is insanely good. 



3 Pieces Clear Page Spreader

Acrylic Thumb Ring Page

Holder Transparent Thumb Bookmark

Book Page Holder for Readers

Book Lovers Present Bookworm

Students, 3 Sizes


I am a huge book nerd and don’t tend to shy away from

huge novels. However, holding open the thiccc books can

definitely be a challenge so I wanted to test out these page

spreaders to see if they would help make it a little easier. 



AoedeJ 925 Sterling Silver

Stackable Initial Letter Rings

Capital Letter Ring Charm

Initial Band for Women

I have been trying to grow my ring collection and I really

liked the look of this initial ring. It is a simple and dainty design

and I really like that it isn’t too in your face. One thing I have

noticed is that it does get caught extremely easily on things

because of the points of the letter, but other than that it’s perfect. 



SweatyRocks Women’s Short

Sleeve Sleepwear Button Down

Satin 2 Piece Pajama Set

I have never been someone who has had matching pajamas.

Usually I would just find an old tshirt and some sweatpants to

throw on and then call it good. However, as I have gotten older I

have really been wanting to own a nice sleep set or two. I don’t

know what it is, but having one just makes me feel more

like a put together adult. Anyone else? Lol 


I have had the chance to try this set on and spend a night or two

testing it out and overall I would say this was a pretty good

purchase.I will admit that the shorts are a little bit tight in weird areas

(like around the bottom of the shorts legs) and the buttons keep

getting caught on the strings that are coming out of the buttonholes, but

other than that I think this a good set. The satin finish on the set also

makes it really comfortable to sleep in and makes me feel more bougie. Lol 



Sour Punch Straws, Rainbow

Fruit Flavors, Chewy Sweet &

Sour Candy, 2oz Tray (24 Pack)

I am not huge on sour things, but one of my friends loves them

and when he said these were one of his favorites I knew I had to

get them for his birthday. He was suuuper excited

when he saw them in the present.



REORIA Women’s Sexy Scoop

Neck Racerback Tank Top

Button Down Bodysuits

I never thought I would ever own a bodysuit, but as my style

changed and tucking in shirts was starting to become quite an

anxious event the practicality of these won out. There are a couple

things I have noticed about this bodysuit that I am not a huge fan

of and would probably make me second guess purchasing. One, it

is see-through.The whole reason I wanted a bodysuit was to avoid the

bulkiness of tucking in shirts, but yet I still have that issue with this

because I have to wear something additional underneath. Second, is the

button closure. Where the buttons close at the bottom of the bodysuit is

extremely bulky and uncomfortable. It feels like I am walking around

wearing a pad or something down there. Definitely not what I want to feel.



Daisy Jones & The Six: A Novel Hardcover

This book has been on my tbr list since it came out and with

my turn for book club book choice here yet again I figured this

was as good of a time as any to read it! Here’s to

hoping it lives up to the hype!



AlvaQ Women Summer V Neck

Boho Floral Print Tank Tops

Casual Sleeveless Shirts Camis

My closet is definitely lacking in cute summer pieces so anytime

I come across one it will most likely be ending up in my

cart. I really like the color and design of this tank and it actually

fits really quite well. Honestly, I think I might be going back

to order it in a few other designs and colors. 



Cubiker Computer Desk 55

Inch Home Office Writing Desk

Student Study Desk with Small

Table and Storage Bag, Rustic Brown

I am in desperate need of an office space so I have been slowly

working at turning one of the bedrooms in my house into an

office/library. However, one of the reasons why it has been taking

me so long to finish is because I have been having a hard time

finding a desk I liked, one that went with my boho theme, oh yeah, and

one that was big but not a million dollars. Lol This desk definitely

checked all those boxes so I am excited to get it put together

and see how it looks in my space!



Joseph Joseph Drawer Store

Organizer Tray, Knife Block, Gray

My knife situation was a terrible mess. I couldn’t see all of

my knives, they kept falling and situating themselves underneath

other containers in the drawer making it difficult to get them out, and

they just made the drawer look very cluttered. This knife organizer

really helps solve all of these issues and I really like it.



Joseph Joseph DrawerStore

Compact Cutlery Organizer Kitchen

Drawer Tray, Small, Gray

The one bad thing about my knife organizer is that it takes up

a good amount of room in my drawer and my original silverware

organizer wasn’t going to fit in there anymore so I bought this

silverware organizer to replace it. It will definitely take a little

time to get used to it because you can’t see all of the silverware

at once so I will reach for what I think is a fork and then it turns

out to be a spoon, but hey all in due time. Lol 



Romwe Women’s Allover Print

Short Sleeve Tie Knot Front

Ruffle Peplum Crop Tops Blouse

I really love the color and design of this shirt and I think it

will be a great option for almost any summer event! 







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