Why I Travel Alone

Devil’s Bridge Sedona, Arizona



I have always loved to travel. Seriously, a year without at least

one trip in it would be a rare thing for me and the signal of an

impending apocalypse. Lol However, for the majority of my

adult life I have had either a boyfriend or a friend to go on a trip

with. It wasn’t until I broke up with my boyfriend and my friends

got busy with their own lives that I was faced with a problem. I

wanted, no, I needed to feed my wanderlust, but I had no one to

go on a trip with. At first I was devastated, but then I made a

decision that would change my life, and the way I travel, forever. I

decided I was going to go on that trip….alone. Was I scared?

Nope….I was terrified! This little introvert with confidence issues

and social anxiety was supposed to go out and experience new

places by herself? Are you kidding me?! But I shoved that fear aside

and two years later I still think it was one of the best decisions I have

ever made (You can read about my first solo trip here!). It was a truly powerful

experience and you better believe imma do it

again and again and again. 


Why I Think Taking Trips Alone Is Important:


Always Waiting on Friends = Missed Opportunities

As an adult, trying to get together with your friends just

for dinner is a difficult task let alone trying to plan a vacation!

Everyone has work, families, other commitments, and it

always seems like the universe is working against you. If I waited

for a time that worked for my friends and I to go on a vacation

together, well, I would have missed out on visiting soooo many

amazing places. Now don’t get me wrong, I do still try and go on

trips with my girls (this year we are thinking maybe Florida!), but I

am not going to keep myself from other travelling opportunities

just because they can’t come along. 


Grand Wash Trail Capitol Reef National Park – Solo Trip 2021


Our girl’s trip to California! This was taken near the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out the California trip article here


You Become Truly Independent

Traveling alone is a great way to experience true independence.

You are navigating this uncharted territory alone and there is

no one there for you to rely on for directions, to provide you with

entertainment, to hide behind while you talk to new people you

meet, to pay for half of your trip, or to protect you/save you

should, God forbid, something go wrong. You are all you got in

every aspect of your vacation, and while that can be a scary

thought, it is also extremely liberating. You will feel so empowered

because traveling alone shows you what you can do and it not

only provides you with fond memories, but also

something to look back on and be proud of. 


Queen’s Garden Trail Bryce Canyon National Park – Solo trip 2021


It’s a Mental Health Booster

On my two previous solo journeys I found, between the long

drives and long hikes, that I had plenty of time to think and

reflect. This is another great perk of travelling alone; You are

forced to focus on yourself. By removing yourself from your

normal reality you can look at your life with an unobstructed

view that will allow you to see what things are truly important to

you and what changes need to be made in order to provide

yourself with the life you want and, most importantly, deserve.


Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab, Utah – Photo taken by Kristin Vinduska – Solo Trip 2019


It’s Fun! 

One of my favorite things about travelling alone is that

there is no compromising on anything. You can listen to

whatever music you want to, you stop only when you need

to, you do the activities you want to do, and can eat wherever

and however often you want. Guys it is so

great and really makes for a fun time.


Hiking Pike’s Peak! Photo taken by Abigail Svoboda – Article here


My Vacationing Tips:


Go Out and Explore

I know vacation is all about relaxation, but if you spend the

entire time laying in bed in your hotel room you won’t get near

as much out of this experience. You can lay in bed at home!

When you are vacationing alone (or even just vacationing in general)

you need to get out, see the world, and experience new things

and cultures. I promise that your trip will be so much

more fun and rewarding if you do. 


Angel’s Landing Zion National Park – Solo trip 2021


Take a Social Media Break

Remember how I said travelling alone is a huge mental health

booster? Well, part of that includes putting down the phone.

Social media is insanely toxic. It causes me to compare

myself to others and usually leaves me feeling like I am lacking

in multiple aspects of my life. However, when I am on vacation I

really try to shut down the socials and focus on the world

around me. (And most of the time I’m forced to do so because

of a lack of service! lol) I mean, I took the time and the money

to get out and explore so I better stinkin’ be present and enjoy

it right? Anyone can take a fire selfie and post it to social media, but

not everyone has the opportunity to travel and see the world. 


Death Valley National Park – Solo trip 2021


Take the Photo

Don’t worry about being judged for acting like a tourist because

guess what…you are a tourist! Instead, own it, take the picture

if you want to, and remember that you will most likely never see

any of these people again.  You will regret it if

you don’t, I can promise you that! 


Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California – Photo taken by Abigail Svoboda – California Trip 2020
Hotel Valley Ho Scottsdale, Arizona – Solo trip 2021


I was completely terrified to take the photo at Hotel Valley Ho. I

arrived at the hotel (which I wasn’t a guest at) and asked the front

desk if I could take a picture with their mural. The lady at the front

desk was super nice and gave me a key to their pool so I could get

in and y’all the moment I walked through those gates I wanted so

badly to turn around and leave. It was the middle of a beautiful

sunny afternoon, the pool was packed, and guess where the

mural was? Right in front of everyone. But I tried to hold my head

high and keep my body from shaking as I set up my tripod and took

pictures with the mural and I am so happy I did. So

even if you are scared, take the picture. 


Record Your Experiences

Any time I go on a trip I take a break at the end of each day to

write down everything I had experienced including the good, the

bad, helpful tips, and lessons learned. It’s a great way for me to

be able to look back on my vacations and remember things that I

may have forgotten as time goes on (and makes it easier

to write blog articles as well lol).


On my solo trip in 2020 I tried out recording little video

check-ins instead of journaling. Just me talking into the

camera updating the viewers (aka me) on what was going on

during the trip. Again this was a great way to hold on to

memories of my trip and truthfully maybe even a little better

than journaling because these videos were done in real time

and I didn’t have to sit and try to remember

everything that went down that day. 


Don’t Let Fear Stop You

I am a huuuuge introvert, I hate being the center of attention, and

I never want to look like an idiot (hence why I plan so much of

my life). All of this is just basically me saying there are a lot of

experiences that scare me and/or give me anxiety. Lol However, when

I am on vacation if there is something I want to do, like take a

picture of myself or complete a certain activity, I try and push

that fear out the window and do it anyway. I know that the

potential embarrassment or uncomfortableness I feel in the

moment wouldn’t even compare to the regret I would feel if I

didn’t do it at all. Growth doesn’t come when you are comfortable

and stories aren’t made by taking the easy route. 


Zebra Slot Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument – Solo trip 2021


Don’t Let Others Make You Doubt Your Trip

It’s 2021, but travelling alone is still not a common thing. I cannot

tell you how many times I have had people stare at me incredulously

after I told them I am travelling alone followed inevitably by “why?

Do you not have anyone to go with you?” I would be lying if I said

that that didn’t make me rethink my whole trip and feel like an

unloved, friendless loser. However, it only takes me a moment to

remember that this is simply not true. I have plenty of friends, I

am super loved, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, a

young female, setting out on her own to see the world. And there

is nothing wrong with you setting out to do the same.


Day 1 of solo trip 2021


Be Smart and Know Your Limits

When you are travelling alone you are all you got for

company, help, and protection so it’s important to know

your physical limits and to always be aware of your surroundings.

Before you start a hike make sure you can finish it and always

carry plenty of water. Like more than you think you would need.

Be smart and don’t go anywhere that looks sketchy or gives you

bad vibes (trust your gut!), and avoid hiking after dark (learn from

my mistakes….article on that coming soon 😅). 



The Final Takeaway

If there is something you want to do or somewhere you want

to go, DO IT. Stop waiting for the approval of others or for others

to be able to go with you. You are an adult and you can do anything

you put your mind to. This is your life so grab it by the horns and live

it how you want! You will be so much happier in the end. 





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