Amy’s Favorite Cleaning Products

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Having the right products when cleaning is essential to make sure the

job gets done effectively and efficiently. In this article I am sharing with

y’all my favorite cleaning products I use for all of my cleaning jobs. Enjoy!



Method Disinfectant Sprays

I used to watch cleaning motivation videos on YouTube ALL THE TIME

and every single one of these YouTubers used method products so

of course I went straight to Target and bought some for myself. Since

then they have become my go to ride or die cleaning products. I like to

use the method antibac for cleaning surfaces in my bathroom because

they have extra disinfecting powers specifically for areas such as that, the

Method Disinfectant spray for all other surfaces, and the Method

bathroom cleaner for my tub and showers.


*(Disclaimer: Not an ad)

You can also find these products on the Grove Collaborative website.

On this website they offer a ton of different natural cleaning products

(as well as beauty and baby products) making them a kind of one stop

shop for all of your cleaning/household needs. You can read

more about Grove Collaborative in this review here.


O-Cedar Mop

Swiffers are great….for quick clean up and small messes. Anytime

I am wanting to clean my whole floor I opt for my old fashioned O-Cedar

mop and bucket. The heads for this mop are washable so I get a whole

lot more use out of each one than I do the Swiffer wipes. Also the triangle

shaped head makes it easy to get into the corners and the microfiber

mop head does a great job of picking up all the dirt. The bucket for the

mop makes it super easy to wring out the mop head by way of a foot pedal

and I feel like I am able to get a better clean and get a better scrub

with my mop than I ever could with a Swiffer.


Amazon link


Microfiber Cloths

Forget paper towels, microfiber cloths are hands down the way to

go when you need to wipe down anything. You don’t have to worry

about your paper towels falling apart, you won’t use up all your paper

towels (which means you save money and trips to the grocery store), microfiber

cloths are safe to use on any surface, and they are a cheap investment

(You can get a whole pack of them from Dollar General for $3 or less). I also

think microfiber cloths do a better job dusting areas than my own Swiffer duster.


Amazon link


Lysol Multi-Surface Cleaner (Tangerine Mango scent is the best!)

Using warm water to wash my floors never provides enough of a

clean for me especially in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen

where bacteria and germs love to fester. So in order to ensure a much

better and deeper clean I like to add in a splash or two of Lysol

Multi-Surface Cleaner to my warm mop water.


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

I don’t have a pet, yet, but this handheld vacuum works great for all

messes. I have had it for, gosh, over five years now and it is still going

strong. It came with 3 different attachments for all kinds of surfaces and

jobs and I legit use it all the time. It also is super easy to clean out and

has a rechargeable battery that still holds a great long

charge after all of these years of use.


Amazon link


Bonus: Cleaning Caddy

Having a cleaning caddy like this one makes transporting all of my

cleaning products so much easier. Highly recommend getting one if

you keep all of your cleaning products in one centralized

location. (I got this one above at Target.)




Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 4.52.39 PM

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