Amy’s Cleaning Schedules


I am a type A person through and through. I love to make

lists, organize, and plan, plan, plan. And of course all this also

applies to my house cleaning. Making cleaning schedules helps

ensure that all my cleaning actually gets done and that nothing gets

missed. Below are a couple of my cleaning schedules

that I created and use! Hope you enjoy!



Every month I do a thorough cleaning of each of the high traffic

areas in my home. I like to assign one room for each of the four weeks

because it really helps reduce the time I spend cleaning each week and

also makes sure each area gets cleaned. I do clean the bathrooms twice

a month just because they are dirtier areas of the house.



In addition to the cleaning I do every month, there is also some

cleaning I do on the daily. These are just a few simple tasks that really

help make the house appear clean and put together.



Finally, there are a couple other things I do throughout the month

including changing out my bedsheets and kitchen/bathroom hand

towels. I like to change out my sheets every 2 weeks. I schedule this

for Sundays because I have more time on Sundays to wash the sheets

and put them back on the bed, but also because there is nothing better

than fresh sheets and it is a great way to start my week off right. For

my kitchen and bath hand towels I like to change those out every 2-3

days. These are the towels that are used every single day in my house

and they are the ones more likely to harbor bacteria so

changing them more frequently is a must.





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